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Liquidating property in Orlando or Maitland can be a tiresome task that can require constant supervision of your items merely to sell a fraction. If you have little to no experience with estate liquidation, then a consignment auction is perfect for you. Moving or selling the home of a late relative is easier if the house is clean and the unwanted items have been removed. It is a lot harder to imagine owning a home that still contains the items of the previous owner, so this is better for presenting the home to potential buyers.

There are a handful of reasons why estate liquidation may be imperative and require a quick turnaround. If you are in need of money to pay off debts, then waiting for someone to pick up an item through a garage sale is a waste of time and effort. Rather than trying fruitless options to get rid of items, a consignment auction can sell all those valuables for you. At Orlando Estate Auction, customers do not have to do anything but give us a call, and they still get to reap all the benefits of selling their belongings. Instead of selling only a fraction of the items you have up for sale, everything will go at one of our auctions.

What is a Consignment Auction?

Our company offers consignment auctions for property owners and those who need to liquidate. Estate liquidation through consignment means that your items will be transported, stored, and sold for you. Property owners dealing with large and expensive items such as furniture do not need to worry about transportation costs either. We will come to your location with a crew to safely pack everything up. When it comes to what you can sell, there is almost no limit. Some auction businesses may only deal with specific items such as vehicles. At Orlando Estate Auction, Maitland residents can put many things up for auction, such as:

  • Automobiles and Other Vehicles
  • Pots, Pans, and Kitchenware
  • Sports Equipment
  • Workout Equipment
  • Jewelry and Antiques
  • Tools and Machinery

Often, if you put together your own sale like a garage sale, you will end up with more stress and disappointment than earnings. Not everything will sell during the initial sale date, which means you will either have to put on multiple events or quickly pawn leftover items. Instead, Maitland and Orlando property owners can liquidate their belongings while working with one point of contact, simplifying matters even further. Our estate liquidation services take care of all types of collectibles, antiques, furniture, and more in one visit.

What are the Advantages of a Consignment Auction?

Beyond the fast and easy transportation, sellers can take advantage of how auctions require rapid payment. When you bid on something in person, as opposed to online, you cannot wait a week to pay for your item. When using online auctioning sites, an individual may win a bid and never bother to pay. You would then have to cancel the transaction and relist your item back on the site, starting the process all over again. There may also be hidden holds or stipulations for large transactions, depending on the online service. Maitland and Orlando residents looking for a rapid estate liquidation process should not rely on online alternatives.

We rely on multiple forms of communication that suits our Maitland and Orlando clients and accommodate their needs. Our company relies on a combination of phone calls, emails, and more to keep you updated on your account. With us, you will know exactly how the estate liquidation process is going and when you will receive your payment.

For Estate Liquidation in Maitland, Choose Orlando Estate Auction

The process of selling auctioning your valuables begins with picking out what exactly you want to sell. Then, you will fill out a form online. You can hire an appraiser to find the potential value of your items. However, the bidders will decide the final price. Also, note that objects that are broken or junk items are unacceptable. You will then need to send us pictures highlighting the critical features of your items like serial numbers and logos. After setting up an appointment, we will review your valuables and return anything that we cannot sell. After taking your inventory to our facility, we will auction it off on Saturday or Monday. We will then mail your check, minus our commission, that following week. Maitland and Orlando residents can get in touch with us to begin estate liquidation at (407) 290-1000 or through our website.