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If you have artwork or household decorations that you no longer need or want, estate liquidation is an excellent, profitable way to clear up space in your Maitland home. Orlando Estate Auction does all of the hard work for you! With our superior auctions in Central Florida, we help residents buy and sell a variety of treasures. If you have a work of art such as a painting or a canvas print, we can help you identify the style, which in turn can help you determine the piece’s value. This allows you to understand how much money it may go for at auction, and we can help make sure it sells!

Identify the Style

Of course, you can speak with an art expert to get their analysis of a piece, but that can be both time-consuming and expensive. Plus, who knows where to find an expert on artistic movements in Maitland? When you need professional opinions on your valuables, you can trust Orlando Estate Auction to give you the insight you need. We have been appraising and auctioning valuable goods for many years in the Central Florida area. Everything from cars to jewelry to paintings to furniture has come through our gallery for estate liquidation.

If you want to make an attempt at DIY art style identification for estate liquidation in Maitland, use the following guidelines to help you.

Pre-Modern Art Styles

When you are looking at the piece you want to sell with estate liquidation in Maitland, there are certain characteristics you can use that signify what style the work is. The major post-modern art styles can be classified in the following ways:

  • Ancient — Egyptian, Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman art. This style often has imagery of gods and goddesses.
  • Medieval — Byzantine, Christian, Gothic, Islamic, and Coptic. Medieval art is characterized by religious imagery and architectural fascination.
  • Renaissance — Mostly religious art with a lot of three-dimensional aspects, flowing gestures, and landscapes.
  • Baroque — Landscapes, still life portraits, drama and emotions as subject matter, and religious imagery.
  • Rococo — Images of domestic life, aristocracy, more light-hearted portrayals, an influx of pastels and light colors.
  • Neoclassic — A return to some of the grandeur of Greco-Roman art.
  • Romantic — This style has a lot of emotion depicted through gloomy, cloudy skies, mysterious landscapes, and highly dramatic scenes.
  • Realism — The focus in this style shifts to the working class, peasantry, and realistic subjects like everyday life.

Modern Art Styles

The majority of art sold through estate liquidation in areas such as Orlando and Maitland is modern art. Modern and post-modern art styles can be classified as:

  • Impressionism — Characteristics of impressionistic art include blobby paint and thick brushstrokes. Up close, it looks like a blur, until you step back and see the imagery unfold.
  • Post-impressionism — There are not truly any defining characteristics of post-impressionism, but does often focus on form and heavy, strong outlines of shapes.
  • Expressionism — Strong, bold colors, and experimental painting techniques.
  • Futurism — Before and after World War I, this style is experimental and aims to express modern life.
  • Abstract — This post-World War II style highlights abstraction and expression without solid form or figure.
  • Surrealism — Art that expands beyond the realm of reality, often focuses on absurdity and the impossible. Think of Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso.
  • Art Deco — This focuses on architectural stylings, geometric patterns, and distinct, clean lines.
  • Pop Art — Utilizes bright, crisp colors and popular culture references to create a statement.

There are many more styles that your work may fall under, so check with a professional at Orlando Estate Auction to get a better idea of what your art work’s style is and how much it may fetch at an estate liquidation auction.

Trust Orlando Estate Auction for Estate Liquidation in Maitland

At Orlando Estate Auction, we help Maitland and other Central Florida residents with their estate liquidation needs. To begin, contact us and send us your pictures of the items in question. We will come to your home and check out the items in person. After that, our crew will securely transport your items to our gallery in Orlando, where we will prepare for auction. Then, we will sell your items to the highest bidder. Once the auction is over, you can expect your check to be sent in the mail the following Wednesday.

Give us a call today or reach out to us online for assistance in Maitland. We will help you sell your items for a great price in our posh, downtown Orlando gallery! Get started today, and you can have your check in the mail in about ten days.