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If you’ve recently inherited a loved one’s property in Longwood and don’t know what to do with all of their belongings, an estate liquidation service can help. At Orlando Estate Auction, we have years of experience selling antiques, furniture, appliances, jewelry, and more. If you’re overwhelmed with clutter and don’t have the time or the desire to sell each item on your own, give us a call.

What is Estate Liquidation?

Estate liquidation is when someone quickly sells the majority of their belongings at a tag sale or an auction. Typically, family members use this service when they inherit a deceased relative’s property. However, it can also be used for people looking to downsize their home in Longwood or for businesses in the Orlando area. It is a great way to get rid of a large quantity of unwanted items while also earning money. One of the biggest benefits to using a professional liquidation company is that they’ll do all of the work for you, unlike a garage or yard sale.

What’s the difference between an Estate Sale and an Auction?

Items at an estate sale are tagged with specific prices. Buyers are free to browse through the items, much like a yard sale, and purchase the item for the tagged price. 

Likewise, items set for auction also have a starting price and buyers can bid on the items; each time someone bids on an item, it drives up the price. A valuable or highly sought-after item can be sold for more than it’s market value if there are multiple buyers who want the item. If you have an interest in selling your belongings using a liquidation service in Longwood, Orlando Estate Auction can help.

What’s the difference between an Estate Sale and a Yard Sale?

A professional company organizes and hosts an estate sale or auction whereas the owners of the home host a yard sale. Estates sales usually include higher-value items than a yard sale. This is because the company hosting the estate sale prices out each item according to its market value.

Estate liquidations are typically more lucrative than a yard sale. Low turnout, haggling buyers, and under-priced items make it hard for consignors to make money at a yard sale. Furthermore, leftover inventory is unusual for an estate auction while it is almost a guarantee at a garage sale.

What can I sell at an Estate Auction?

You can sell everything from jewelry and antiques to stocks and bonds using an estate liquidation service in Longwood. Some of the most common items we sell are:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Fine China
  • And More

How Orlando Estate Auction Can Help With Your Estate Liquidation

Save yourself the time, effort, and headache of trying to sell your items through a yard sale. A professional estate liquidation company will handle the entire selling process for you. Once you’ve decided what items you’d like to sell, take a picture of your inventory and fill out our Consigment Form.

From there, we’ll send our professional movers and packers to your home in Longwood. Then, we’ll carefully pack up and store your items onto our truck. Once we transport them to our auction gallery in downtown Orlando, we will assign a starting value to each item. Our team will also take photographs of your inventory to use for the marketing and advertising of your auction.

We hold estate auctions every Saturday and Monday. On the day of the auction, our auctioneer will create an exciting and competitive atmosphere to sell your items for top-dollar. The following Wednesday we will mail out your check along with a full list of everything that sold at the auction, including the price it sold for.

If you live in the Longwood and Orlando areas and are looking for estate liquidation services, contact us today!