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There are many reasons you may be seeking liquidation services in Oviedo. You may be pursuing a lucrative career opportunity in another city, or prefer to live closer to family and friends. Maybe you have found the clutter in your home unbearable but do not want to squander the potential to make money from the vast amount of memorabilia. Or, perhaps a family member has recently passed away, and you do not want the responsibility of sorting through and selling their belongings. No matter the reason, we want to help make your move smoother and faster than ever while giving you the opportunity to make the most profit from your property.

Oviedo residents who pursue our liquidation services are given two forms of support to aid them during this transitional time in life: moving and selling. Our professional movers will prepare, pack, and move your items to our gallery, where we can take care of selling them for you. This gives you more time and energy to focus on what is important – such as finding where you will move to, where you will work, and getting any necessary documents signed. At Orlando Estate Auction, we are dedicated to giving you the assistance you need while providing premiere customer satisfaction.

Estate Liquidation Services: Let Us Do The Work For You

Our liquidation services in Oviedo come with several benefits that set us apart from the competition. As we have already mentioned, our thoughtful, qualified, and experienced movers will come to your home to move the items for you. While there, they will prepare the items to be sell-ready, and then carefully place them in the moving van to be taken to our downtown Orlando gallery. To be sure you are up to date on the status of your belongings our technicians create an inventory list for you, so you know when something has sold and how much it has sold for.

Once your property is gently relocated from Oviedo to our gallery, the noticeable advantages of our liquidation services become unveiled. Here, your possessions will be prepped and put on display for hundreds of interested, eager individuals to see. These people may be looking for a unique, valuable piece, or trying to redecorate their homes; no matter the circumstance, they give you the benefit of demand. The immense foot traffic of interested buyers that we generate creates a sense of urgency and friendly competition. This means people are more inclined to purchase items they like as quickly as they can, as opposed to waiting for something better to come along. Also, the mass amount of people that attend the auctions means your assets have the best chance to sell at market value or higher.

Professional Auction vs. Yard Sale

It comes as no surprise that professional liquidation services beat any yard sales in Oviedo. This is due to the improved quality assurance and options available to buyers, as well as the increased number of customers and larger profit margins available to sellers. When buyers attend yard sales, they are typically met with the challenge of sifting through endless junk to find something valuable. Often, the junk they must sort through contains items no longer desired by anyone, such as old clothing with shoulder pads and television shows on VHS. Buyers then become discouraged by the countless time spent sorting through someone else’s trash only to find nothing. Instead of losing out on money that you could gain, use our estate sale services in Oviedo to get the most out of your belongings.

Orlando Estate: The Fast and Easy Way to Move

Take away the hassle of cleaning, preparing, moving, and selling your estate’s property. Do not waste valuable time and energy that is better spent elsewhere. Let us do the work and make this time of change easier for you. We work with our clients to safely move their possessions and prepare them for sale so that we can contribute to making the most profit for everyone. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time, ensuring we get your money to you in less than two weeks. And, we do not end our auctions until everything in our downtown gallery has sold. So, if you are in need of professional liquidation services in Oviedo, give us a call at 407-290-1000 and speak to a representative today.