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Getting rid of a large quantity of property can be difficult, but professional liquidation services can quickly turn your items into money. Whether you’re getting rid of items because you’re moving from Maitland to another location, your business is closing, you are looking to downsize, or any other reason, Orlando Estate Auction can help. We are a professional company that can assist you with lots of all sizes; large and small, we can sell it all.

Orlando Estate’s Liquidation Services

Liquidation services are helpful when you want to get rid of items without the hassle of selling or bargaining. Liquidating is often necessary after the loss of a loved one, which makes the process that much more emotional. Our professionals will come out to the property in Maitland and thoroughly pack every item you wish to be sold. The entire process is done as efficiently as possible, and we will:

  1. Inventory the contents of the property
  2. Evaluate value for each item
  3. Handle other assets
  4. Set up and handle the auction
  5. Turn all items into money for you

Our Maitland auctions are absolute, so there are no reserves and no minimums. Our goal is to sell everything for the highest bid, getting you more for less.

Liquidations: How They Benefit You

You may be debating whether you should have an estate sale or an auction. You may think that sales are easier because you just set up and let people purchase. However, auctions are far simpler for you when you want to get the most money with the least amount of trouble. Liquidation services are our specialty, and we prefer them over sales because they include tangible property as well as stocks, bonds, fine art, and more. This is great for those looking to liquidate and those looking to purchase; rare, valuable goods are found at auctions. Imagine a garage sale in Maitland, and that’s essentially what an estate sale will be like.

Auctions vs Sales

There are quite a few differences between estate auctions and estate sales. When you need liquidation services to get rid of items, estate auctions are your best bet. We will remove all of the items from your home and place them in our downtown gallery where we hold the auctions every week. Sales take place at the property, and can last a long time whereas auctions will free up the property right away. With a typical turnaround time of 10 days, our process is much more efficient and effective. We sell to the highest bidder, which means your items will be far more likely to be sold for fair market value. Many Maitland residents prefer auctions to sales because they would rather not have strangers looking for new purchases in their household. Another benefit of auctions is that they go until every item is sold; with sales, you may have leftovers that you’ll need to deal with. Even if you are out of town, we can hold the auction and send you the earnings soon after.

Why You Might Go To an Auction

Estate auctions are great for those that need liquidation services, but they’re also terrific opportunities to find hidden treasures. With antique furniture like tables, mirrors, sofas, and armoires, you can furnish your Maitland house with a classic, mature vibe. Plenty of other artifacts like books, jewelry, art, record players, and vintage clothing are commonly found, and are much better than old hand-me-downs and other unwanted goods at a garage sale.

Call Orlando Estate Auction Today

Our highly-skilled team of movers, appraisers, and auctioneers will turn your situation into a potential for income with our liquidation services in Maitland. When you choose Orlando Estate Auction, we’ll come in and handle all of the property-selling for you. No bargaining, haggling, or setting prices necessary. We will come and remove the items and in about ten days or so, you’ll have a check. We are passionate about hidden treasures and valuables and getting you the most money for them, and hope that you will trust your estate to us. Call today for more information at 407-290-1000.