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Estate sales and auctions are the best way to clear out your home in Windermere, make money from unused or forgotten items, or to alleviate the stress from managing a loved one’s possessions. We offer exceptional preparatory and auction services and each of our events hosts a variety of pieces for buyers to choose from. Every experience is filled with the thrill of finding options that can often not be found anywhere else. If you are seeking an exciting auction then join us for an exploration of unique treasures.

Why Host an Estate Sale in Windermere?

If you are trying to discover the fastest way to liquidate then our company can aid you through the process. The excitement of competitive bidding will ensure that your selections are sold and that cash is provided that same day. With estate sales and auctions in Windermere, you will be able to sell:

  • Furniture
  • Jewelry and silver
  • Clothing
  • Art and décor
  • Accessories and collectables
  • Dining room sets
  • Electronics and toys
  • Workout equipment
  • Unique items and antiques

If you are ready for a company that provides peace of mind, ease of use, and customer care, phone us today to schedule your appointment. We are always thrilled to assist clients in clearing away what they may consider junk to make room for new items. Estate sales in Windermere can also allow you to reorganize and declutter your home. You will profit without having to exert yourself through a daunting task. Minimalize stress and strain for loved ones and focus on what matters while we do the dirty work. Auctions are also a great way to clean out homes prior to sales, allowing for more optimal walkthroughs and home values.

How Do Estate Sales and Auctions Function?

Thankfully, we are here to cover all the steps when it comes to preparation and auctioning. We will provide in-home servicing for your convenience, making the process much smoother than attempting to host your own estate sale would be. Our team carefully collects anything that you wish to liquidate in Windermere. We will package, pack, and ship items to be transferred to our Orlando gallery. A vast number of individuals attend our weekly events. We promise that we will sell all of your items after pricing them with care and attention to value. Working through our business also ensures that strangers will never enter your space and invade your privacy. We understand the significance of the memories attached to items and believe in providing professional, affordable, and personalized services for our customers. By working with Orlando Estate, you will be guaranteed:

  • A speedy process from start to finish.
  • Our shipping deals with no post office trips, packaging, or extra costs to you.
  • Seller protection with no returns to ensure that all items are secure and sold.
  • An assortment of buyers with plenty of opportunities to sell, thanks to our location.
  • The highest bid. All of your treasures will only go to the highest bidder at an auction in Windermere after they have been made available to all in attendance.
  • Fair pricing. We want to maximize your profits, and we promise you that all of your collectibles will find a high sum. We also present you with the chance to research the value of something online before we take it to auction. You will make a higher profit at an auction than you would with estate sales.

Ready to clean up and clear out? Call us today at 407-290-1000 to schedule a pickup. We also offer online sales to allow for convenience and a wider market. No liquidation auction in Windermere ends until every last piece is sold, unlike estate sales, which can last days and take up your personal time, only to be left with items unsold at the end. People are flocking in to see the amazing items you are ready to part with. Take advantage now and experience the Orlando Estate difference.