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Whether you are looking to buy or sell valuable antiques like home d├ęcor and jewelry, Orlando Estate Auction may be the right business for you. An estate sale differs from the average selling of property through your garage in that the items up for purchase are high-quality furniture, jewelry, and other valuables. Your Conway liquidation will be handled by professionals who work with you through the entire estate sale process. Our company both buys and sells items while also offering the option for an Absolute Auction for a potentially quicker movement of valuables. Absolute Auction gives the seller the chance to place their items with no reserves or minimums meaning that they will sell to the highest bidder and not have a minimum price. Many customers find this to be the quicker route when liquidating their property.

Why Use an Estate Liquidation Company for Estate Sale?

We provide Conway property owners with professional service and the opportunity to quickly sell their inventory with ease and without worry. Working with a professional company to unload your residence can take the stress out of having to liquidate your property. Not only do you have to spread the word that you are moving valuable items, but you have the come up with the prices. Various items typically sold at an estate sale include:

  • High-quality furniture
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Collectables
  • Antiques
  • Electronics
  • Workout equipment
  • Guns
  • Jewelry
  • Works of art
  • Sterling silver cutlery

The Liquidation Process

It does not matter if you find that you do not have the space, time, or vehicles to transport your antiques and other valuables since we will come directly to your Conway location. With an estate sale, your items will stay on your property where they will receive tagged prices. Auctions occur once every week, on Saturdays, at our gallery. Depending on which type of liquidation method you chose, your turnaround may take less than two weeks to over a month to liquidate all the various products from your house or trailer.

Types of Estate Liquidation

Liquidations are done through an estate sale, also known as a tag sale, or an auction. Depending on your preference on how you would like your items sold, you may want one of the other. The two differ in their approach to selling your antiques, valuables, and personal property. Both liquidation processes are conducted by professionals to make sure your Conway transactions are correctly logged and quickly distributed to you. Regardless of which method of liquidation a customer wants, we can handle the entire process from tagging the items to transporting your inventory.

Estate Sale

One major stress that you can avoid dealing with by hiring a liquidation service involves pricing and vending of inventory. If a customer wants this method of vending instead of an auction, then we arrive at the Conway property to price all of the items. This is followed by a two-to-three-day sale where tagged items are sold. There is a set price for your estate sale items so you may have art, furniture, or other valuables that do not sell immediately. With this form of inventory liquidation, the event typically takes place on the property. We handle all kinds of properties, from large homes to RV trailers.

Estate Auction

With an auction, you can make sure that your sculptures and other antiques sell quickly. A professional liquidation service like Orlando Estate Auction will personally handle your valuables. Workers will pack and transport your valuables from your Conway property to a gallery in downtown Orlando. On Saturday, they will then be auctioned off to the highest bidder. We have no minimums or reserved values with our auctions, which makes the turn around on valuables rather quick. It takes approximately ten days to auction off all the items from a property. An estate sale, however, can take weeks.

Why Orlando Estate Auction?

If you find that you have items you need to liquidate in Conway, then Orlando Estate Auction is ready to assist you. Not only do we sell or auction your antiques, furniture, and more, we price and transport them. Avoid the work and stress of attempting to liquidate your property by yourself and contact us today at 407-290-1000.