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Thousands of people rely on estate liquidation every year to clear out unwanted belongings from their home or property. Liquidating is a fast, efficient way to make more room, prepare for the sale of property, and earn some extra money. This option is ideal for both homeowners and businesses in the Orlando and Sanford areas.

Reasons to Sell at An Estate Auction

Downsizing: Homeowners who are looking to downsize their home can cut down on clutter by selling their items at an auction. It’s a great way to get rid of a lot of inventory quickly without doing the heavy lifting and still making money. Often, homeowners use the money earned at an estate auction to help with moving costs, new furniture, or even a down payment.

Loss of a loved one: When a loved one passes, it’s common for them to leave their estate to family members. If you’ve been left with a loved one’s property in Sanford and don’t have time to sort and sell all of the items yourself, estate liquidation services are a great solution. At Orlando Estate Auction, we can sort and sell a large volume of items quickly and effectively so you can focus on more important matters.

Business Decision: If you’re a business in the Orlando area, and are thinking of relocating, downsizing, or are remodeling your business, an estate auction is a perfect way to get rid of old office equipment or unwanted inventory. We can help you sell your old office chairs, desks, printers and more, to help you make room for bigger and better things.

How the Estate Liquidation Process Works

To begin the estate liquidation process, you will have to identify and photograph all of the items you want to sell at the auction. Many homeowners in Sanford and Orlando area choose to sell antiques, furniture, appliances, collectibles, and even art because they tend to make the most money at an auction.  Once you have sent us the photos of your items, we’ll send out our team of professionals to review the inventory and pack everything up. Our crew will carefully load your belongings onto our truck and transport them to our downtown gallery. Once we are in possession of your items, we will prepare everything for auction. Finally, our experienced auctioneers will sell your items to the highest bidders. Our auctions are held every Saturday and Monday, and commission checks are mailed by the end of the day the following Wednesday.

Estate Liquidation vs. A Yard Sale

Some people choose to hold a yard sale at their Sanford home when they have a lot of clutter. However, there are many downsides to a yard sale. When you hold a yard sale, you have to do all of the work yourself; including, cleaning and moving the items, assigning value, and managing the day of the sale. Not only are you inviting strangers onto your property but you are also at the mercy of the weather.

Buyers will wander through your belongings and make offers based on their idea of what the items are worth, not the market value. More often than not, yard sales have low turnout, low offers, and low sales by the end of the day. Not to mention you are almost guaranteed to have unsold goods remaining after all is said and done.

A professional estate liquidation company can help you solve all of these problems. Our crew will come to your home in Sanford and move the items to our auction gallery. You’ll never have to do any of the heavy lifting or worry about the weather. Our team has years of experience in advertising and selling estates, so you know you’re getting the best price for all of your items. If an item does not sell at the auction, you can sell to it to us directly through our consignment services.

How Orlando Estate Auction Can Help

If you live in the Sanford area and want to sell your valuables with little hassle, and great reward, Orlando Estate Auction can help.  We offer premier estate liquidation, consignment, and auction services. We are a full-service business, which means that we handle everything from packing and moving your items to selling them at a professional auction. If you have antiques, jewelry, appliances, furniture or other valuables you want to sell, fill out our contact form today!