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Estate liquidation is an excellent way for Longwood residents to get rid of and rehome their valuable items. Once your need for something has passed, it can find a new home with someone else! However, there are other options than relying on garage sales or using a site like Craigslist. You can trust that Orlando Estate Auction will sell your items for the highest price at our open auctions. That’s right – our professionals host weekly auctions at our upscale downtown gallery! People from all over Central Florida come to bid on the newest items. Whether you are looking to relocate, wish to make more room in your home and make some extra money, or inherited belongings from a relative and wish to find them a new home, we can help.

Estate Liquidation for Families Looking to Move

If your family is hoping to move to a new city in the Central Florida area like Longwood or Maitland, or even across the country (or across the globe, for that matter!) and you want to lighten your burden, we can assist with estate liquidation. Moving can be expensive, and many moving companies charge by weight. If you want to literally lighten your load and sell off some of your items before relocating, trust the professionals at Orlando Estate Auction to help. We can sell items such as tables and chairs, bed frames, armoires, shelves, electronics, and more at auction. Auctions are beneficial because the item goes to the highest bidder instead of just the first person who comes along and makes an offer.

Estate Liquidation for Businesses Closing or Relocating

If your Longwood business is closing after a long run or if you are relocating your business to a new building, moving your stuff can be cumbersome. In order to simplify the relocation process, you can sell things like:

  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Shelves
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Computers
  • Fax Machines
  • Telephones
  • And more!

If you need to liquidate, selling your items at our auctions can get you some extra money to help pay off any bills or expenses that you need to finalize the closing of your business in the Orlando area.

Estate Liquidation to Free Up Space and Make Money

Many people in Longwood have less space in their home than they would like. Others still want to make some extra cash. You can do both with the help of a liquidation auction. Liquidating some of your belongings can free up room in your home; and get you some extra income at the same time.

Estate Liquidation After You Inherit an Estate

When a loved one passes away, their assets and all of their belongings go to an heir in their will. That very well could be you. If you have ended up with all of your grandmother’s sterling silver or your uncle’s gun collection and do not wish to hold onto it, then you can sell the items at auction. When you choose our company, you will benefit from a professional liquidation service that gets the best bids in Central Florida and Orlando.

Living in Longwood? Choose Orlando Estate Auction!

When you are ready to pursue a liquidation in the Longwood area, trust the professionals at Orlando Estate Auction. We handle all of the hard work for you. First, we will come to your home to take inventory of the items you wish to sell. Then, our professional crew will pack everything up and transport the items to our downtown gallery. After that, we will sell the items at auction for the highest price. Finally, we will mail you a check the following week. All in all, in about eight to ten days, you can go from having unwanted clutter around your home to clearing up space and getting some bonus income. Trust us to help!

Contact us today or give us a call to get started with estate liquidation in the Longwood and Orlando areas!