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Estate liquidation is the most effective and efficient way for Casselberry residents to clear up some space in their home and make some money on the belongings that they no longer need. Whether it is your great aunt’s coin collection, your father’s vintage pocket watch, or that set of antique furniture you have had stashed in storage for years, we can help you sell nearly anything you have around the house. Just give Orlando Estate Auction a call, and we will make the process as simple as can be!

Estate Liquidation: What You Can Sell

Something that Casselberry residents love about estate liquidation is that you can sell nearly anything. People from all over the Orlando area and even beyond Central Florida come to our auction house looking for the newest treasures; and there are many in our gallery!

  • Jewelry — Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, pins, etc.
  • Antiques — Chests of drawers, jewelry, and tea tables, for example.
  • Furniture — Desks, tables, chairs, shelves, armoires, dressers, etc.
  • Home Décor and Accessories — Fun wall art, signs, decorative knickknacks and more.
  • Sterling Silver — Jewelry, utensils, and more.
  • Cars — Vintage or modern, and other vehicles like motorcycles and boats.
  • Art — Paintings, sculptures, vases, original sketches, and more.

Who Benefits From Estate Liquidation?

There are many individuals that can benefit from estate liquidation. Whether you are moving soon and want to lighten your burden or you simply want to make more room in your Casselberry home, we are here to help.

Businesses that are closing or looking to relocate also benefit from estate liquidation. If your business if closing, liquidating your belongings can not only eliminate your need to get rid of the old furniture and supplies but can also bring in money. This is money that you can use to recover costs from closing or help pay off final bills. With our services, you will not even have to worry about having your items moved or relocated to another place. When you give us a call, we come to you to take inventory! Then, our crew can securely pack everything up for transportation. We will move it from Casselberry to our posh gallery to get it ready for auction.

So, by simply giving us a call, you can free up your space instantly and then about eight to ten days later, we will mail you a check with the proceeds made from the sale of your items at auction. We host auctions every Saturday and Monday, and typically mail checks the following Wednesday. Estate liquidation is as easy as can be.

Choose Orlando Estate Auction for Estate Liquidation in Casselberry

If you live in the Casselberry area and are interested in pursuing estate liquidation, give us a call. Whether you want to clear out some extra space in your home to make room for upgrades, or you want to earn some extra money, our auctions are a profitable, easy way to do so. The process is simple:

  • Give us a call. We will come to you in Casselberry and take inventory of all of the items you wish to sell at auction. We will pack up everything that we can sell and load it up for secure transportation to our downtown Orlando gallery.
  • Then, we will prepare all of the items for auction. This includes some light clean up, repairs, and other mild maintenance to make it look good as new and ready to go home with the highest bidder. Once everything is ready to go, bidders get to explore the gallery to see what items are being sold; and to prepare for the auction.
  • After that, the auction begins, and we use our expertise to sell your items at the highest price. The air of competition and excitement drives up bids and fetches you the highest sale price.
  • Finally, once we have sold every item, we will work on mailing you a check. Most consignors can expect their check to be in the mail the following Wednesday. Ultimately, the process from pickup to check takes, on average, about eight to ten days. In just over a week, you could go from clutter to cash, just like that! And you will not have to lift a finger to do so.

When you are ready to get started with estate liquidation in Casselberry, give Orlando Estate Auction a call or reach out to us online today.