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Disposing of assets that are cluttering up a home or taking up storage space is not as simple as putting out an advertisement in the paper or online. Without any idea of where to look and how estate liquidation works, Casselberry property owners can end up stuck with unwanted property. With some items such as vintage records or collectibles being worth hundreds of dollars, many sellers should be hesitant about what they throw out. What seems to be old and not worth a second look could have risen much higher in value than the initial cost.

Individuals itching to get rid of items should rely on an estate auction rather than the alternatives. When attempting to liquidate assets, time is often a factor to take into account. If you are trying to sell a property or pay off debts, the longer you wait, the worst it may be for your situation. The housing market can suffer a slump, buyers can find someone more prepared, or debts can grow more significant. At Orlando Estate Auction, your liquidation process will not take months or require your constant input. In fact, the turn around time is around two weeks. Rather than worry about when your payment is coming, we follow a precise schedule to ensure quick delivery.

How do I Sell Items at an Estate Auction?

Casselberry residents who have many items to sell but not the time to transport them can benefit from a consignment auction. Consignment means that when your item is sold, the seller promises you payment, minus a percentage for their work. Standard commission is 35%. Estate liquidation through Orlando Estate Auction has a few steps before you can liquidate. First, it is vital that you find the items you want to sell. Items should also be in good condition. After you send in images of the objects, a preliminary evaluation will help determine potential worth and value. It is wise to get your own appraisal. Items will undergo verification in person. That way, you can at least draft some estimations as to the value of a product.

Images that should be sent include pictures of serial numbers, emblems, product signifiers such as logos, and collection verifiers. Certain groups measure the quality and rarity of collectibles. Videos games, for example, sometimes have a rating by the Video Game Authority group which verifies the quality and rarity of vintage games. Some titles can go for thousands of dollars when in the right condition. After you set up an appointment, workers will come to transfer and verify your items. Not every small thing you find can go up for auction. Badly damaged equipment or junk items will not be accepted. Those that are acceptable will be taken for auction. We will sell your items and send your check on the following Wednesday. Casselberry sellers then only have to wait to receive their check. There is no need to worry about transportation, advertisements, or your estate liquidation process with an auction.

Alternative forms of Estate Liquidation

Selling property through an auction is simpler and quicker than other forms of selling valuables. Casselberry and Orlando residents may wonder about alternative forms of estate liquidation such as:

  • Online auctions
  • Website advertisements
  • Yard sales

However, all alternatives that are not auctions have drawbacks that can impact the speed and turnover of your estate liquidation. Casselberry sellers thinking of an online auction can expect to wait months with some items never finding a seller. In addition, online auctions and website advertisements are in direct competition with sellers worldwide.

Yard sales and the like typically takes place at the resident’s home. Also, a tag or price is usually given to every single item. This differs from estate liquidation through Orlando Estate Auction which does not apply a minimum amount to items and overall requires much less work.

Residents throughout the Casselberry area can contact us at (407) 290-1000 or online today to get started.18