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We manage estate jewelry auctions in Orlando by functioning as a third party to create a hassle-free and smooth experience when selling your merchandise. We know that there are pieces that have meaning and are valuable to you, but you don’t see yourself wearing in the future. Or maybe you’re just in need of some extra spending money. Whatever it may be, we want you to make the highest profit for your product! Sit back and relax while we search, advertise and sell for you.

Benefits of Estate Jewelry Auctions:

Estate jewelry auctions in Orlando are created to benefit both you and the buyer. There are some benefits of choosing to sell your jewelry this way:

  1. Reach a Broad Audience: By auctioning your pieces you are offering them to sellers who can appreciate and value them. People who are searching for what you offer are willing to pay far more money than someone at a local garage sale would. We have loyal bidders who visit the downtown gallery every week!
  2. More Money in Your Wallet: While you find that your merchandise may be worthless, other people find them to be treasures. People at auctions are searching for that unique piece that you may not have worn in years. The possibility of a bidding war ensuing over your merchandise and sparking interest leads to an increased profit that a typical one-on-one sale cannot compare to.
  3. Stress-free Process: Creating an ad in the right paper or website, attracting serious buyers, coming to a price agreement, and arranging a meet up time are all stressful obstacles that stray people away from getting money. We will come to you, discuss with you, auction your piece, and send you a check within 10 days. There is no stipulation or gray area—you are in control and aware of the process.

You should get the most out of your valuables and we understand that the process of getting there can be a nuisance. Having professionals who deal with auctions and sales in Orlando on a daily basis and make it their mission to get the most profit are a safe bet for helping you make money.

Professionals that Specialize in Estate Jewelry Auctions:

Estate jewelry auction services in the Orlando area work to serve and profit you. You no longer have to waste your valuable time trying to sell a product. The process shouldn’t be a hassle and put a hold on your daily routine or future plans. Third parties provide professional, efficient and ethical services, making estate liquidation an easy and profitable process.

Experts who have chosen to make estate auctions a career know how to sell. Taking a piece to auction yourself can become a stressful and overwhelming process. Letting masters in the field who are familiar with the atmosphere and surround themselves with the chaos of auctions week after week take control can guarantee a stress-free and professional job.

Options for Selling Your Jewelry in Orlando:

There shouldn’t only be one option when it comes to selling your property. Having options is a convenient and modern way to make some quick cash. There are two roads you can take when deciding to part with your merchandise:

  • Sell: We come to you, determine the value, agree on a price, and buy your merchandise outright.
  • Auction: We come to you, collect your valuables, sell them to the highest bidder at auction, and then mail you a check within 10 days.

If you are prepared to take a step in selling your old jewelry and begin reaping the benefits of it, then it is time to schedule an appointment. Call us today for a consultation or for any questions regarding estate jewelry auctions in Orlando at 407-290-1000.