Estate Auctions: Changing the Way You Bid and Sell in Oviedo

//Estate Auctions: Changing the Way You Bid and Sell in Oviedo
Estate Auctions: Changing the Way You Bid and Sell in Oviedo 2017-04-13T12:52:41-04:00

Finding a guaranteed way to sell your pre-owned items can be hard and stressful for anyone. That is why we at Orlando Estate want to assist you with all of your estate auction needs in Oviedo. Selling? We provide full service assessments, transportation, and guarantee all items will be purchased. How is that for stress free? Our excellent customer service and our unique process has made us one of the top auction companies in the state.

What Do Estate Auctions Provide?

Estate auctions in Oviedo provide you with a better way to buy and sell items from your home or someone else’s residence. As a buyer you may be interested in those unique items that you know cannot be found anywhere else. Sellers undergo less stress through our companies’ processes. We ensure an easy accomplishment from start to finish with minimal requirements from the seller. There is a multitude of item options when browsing estate auctions. Some of these items include:

  • Furniture: couches, beds, tables, chairs and more!
  • Sterling silverware that is both stunning, unique, and priceless.
  • Antiques and collectibles that hold fascinating history from one family to yours.
  • Home décor to meet your style and needs. You never know what one-of-a-kind pieces you will find.
  • Electronics and tools can often be purchased at more affordable prices.
  • Guns of a wide variety are often available through estate auctions in Oviedo.
  • Jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings, cuffs, watches, and beyond!
  • Artwork and porcelain that will add a colorful touch to your home.
  • Workout equipment that is new or only slightly used.
  • Attire: hats, scarves, coats, or other beautifully crafted ensembles.
  • Cars that will have you driving home to Oviedo in style.
  • Figurines and small collectables are perfect for any collector seeking to complete their edition.
  • Musical instruments for those buyers seeking a more individualized vessel.
  • Large game centers such as pool tables and retro consoles will complete your den.

Why Choose Orlando Estate Auction?

Whether you are searching for that perfect item or trying to find the best deals when auctioning off your treasures, Orlando Estate Auction in Oviedo promises to help you succeed. Discovering items should be an adventure and auctioning them should be a breeze. We offer:

  • Great prices on all of our items.
  • Client-focused collaboration, making it easier for you to buy and sell.
  • Full-service estate liquidation services.
  • Assistance packing, moving, prepping items, transporting, and selling.
  • 10-day processing and completion.

Our auctions will not end until all items are sold. Anyone can attend and bid on items in the sale, which means no customer limitations. If you are looking for passionate professionals who are ready and willing to work with you every step of the way, you have come to the right place.

How, Where, and When

Need help pricing items? Our website offers a plethora of information on what to look for when buying or placing a price on any item. We cover how to evaluate items such as jewelry or sterling based on their creation date. Most estate sales in Oviedo do take place within a home, but estate auctions take place in our gallery in downtown Orlando.

Auctions create a sense of friendly competition and provide time sensitive options. This always tends to help increase the amount of items sold in a shorter period. Curious buyers attend our thrilling events once per week to bid on items they are interested in. Items always go to the highest bidder. Our gatherings are open to the public, so anyone in Oviedo can attend and find a new treasure.

The process of picking up, selling, and reconciling most estates takes around 10 days. Ready to place a bid or make money by selling your pre-owned belongings? Call (407) 290-1000 or visit us at 2573 Silver Star Rd., Orlando, Florida  32804 today! See the difference. Know the value.