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At Orlando Estate Auction we are a full service estate liquidation service; we both BUY AND SELL merchandise. When you have a house you need to be emptied ASAP, we have you covered. We handle everything from packing and moving the home’s contents, getting the items sell-ready and performing the auctioning process. We offer Absolute Auction with no reserves and no minimums. Every item we sell goes to the highest bidder with 10% buyer’s premium. We can sell all of your items outright, or we can sell them for you for commission. In just 10 days, we can pick up all the items in your home, sell and reconcile them. You will be given a printed list of the items sold as well as how much they have sold for. It’s that simple.

What do we sell? Just about anything that can be found in a house, garage, office, or storage unit! Some of our most popular items are:

  • Furniture
  • Sterling
  • Antiques/Collectibles
  • Home Décor
  • Electronics & Tools
  • Guns
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork/Porcelain
  • Workout Equipment

Our Orlando estate auctions are held in our downtown gallery every week. Anyone is allowed to attend and bid on the items for sale, which often attracts a wide range of bidders. To register, you simply need a valid driver’s license and a phone number. We make sure it is a fast, efficient and convenient process—just like our estate liquidation services in Orlando!

Each item is sold to the highest bidder, which is the best way to make the largest profit compared to other selling techniques such as selling the items yourself with tagged pricing. Our estate liquidators will take all the hassle out of this stressful process for you. We take all of your items and make them ready for public sale, but you still reap the financial benefits! Let us help you make more room in your life. We’ll take anything you no longer want off your hands.

The Orlando Estate Auction Difference

Estate liquidation can happen a number of different ways, two of the most popular being estate sale and auction. But what makes the latter the better option?

  1. Auctions are not done by just one or two people and the items do not have to be sold at market value; with estate auctions the pricing of items are, more or less, determined by the people. The masses of bidders, then, essentially create the market value.
  2. With an estate sale, if no one believes an item is worth buying at its tag price, the item simply does not get sold. But with the estate auctions, all of the items are sold.
  3. Orlando Estate Auctions are held in our downtown gallery. Most people prefer this because it is more convenient than having groups of strangers meddling through your home, especially when you consider the fact that our polite and professional crew will meet you at your residence, efficiently collect all the items, contract the inventory list with you, ready all of your items for sale on property, sell every item in the building on Saturday, then send you a check on Wednesday for the proceeds of the inventory list less our commission.
  4. Auctions often incline people to buy more items because there is a sense of urgency—an environment of friendly competition.
  5. Everyone has equal opportunity to make the purchases they wish; the events are not conducted in a first come, first serve manner. The woman who arrives at the gallery a few minutes before start time has no less of a chance obtaining an item than the man who arrives an hour early does
  6. The auctions only end once every item is sold.

Please take the time to learn more about the services we offer here at Orlando Estate Auction and the many ways in which we are able to make your life more convenient! If you are a buyer looking for a certain item, give us a call today or take a look through our gallery! We are currently offering estate liquidation and auction services to Orlando,Lake Mary, Apopka, Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Kissimmee, and the surrounding areas! We are now also offering high quality business liquidation services as well!