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When your circumstances change and you find yourself in need of liquidation services for your Kissimmee property or the property of a loved one, turn to the experts at Orlando Estate Auction to help organize, plan, and execute your liquidation.

There are a number of reasons people turn to us for estate liquidation services: the death of a family member, a messy divorce, the decision to downsize, or a tactic for reducing debt. No matter what reasons may bring you to us you can rest assured that we will handle your property and belongings with the upmost care and respect.

Why Choose An Estate Auction?

While many Kissimmee residents are familiar with the concept of an estate sale, we opt for estate auctions instead to liquidate your property for a number of important reasons:

  • Every item must go. This is an “everything must go” type of marketplace, which means you’re guaranteed to walk away with some cash for your belongings
  • More bang for your buck. Unlike onsite property sales that put fixed prices on each item and facilitate haggling from potential buyers, the bidding process can drive up prices, which means more money in your pocket.
  • First come doesn’t mean first serve. Conventional Kissimmee liquidations are great for early birds who can find the best stuff early on, but those who come later don’t get to see the things they missed out on. At an estate auction, all buyers have a chance to view and bid on items. This is good for the buyers and the sellers, who will benefit from eager buyers willing to spend more money for items that have caught their interest.
  • More money, less waiting. It can take two or three days to sell off items at a tag sale, and most of the time, not all items end up selling, as opposed to the three hours it would take to have all items bid on and sold.
  • No worries about strangers in your home. Unlike conventional sales, all of your belongings get packed up and sent to a warehouse to be sold, which means you aren’t dealing with strangers poking around your home.

What is Our Process?

When you hire Orlando Estate Auction to liquidate your Kissimmee property, you can expect your belongings to be handled with care and sold for the highest price we can get you.

Whether you have a mansion, small home, or RV, we’ll visit your property and assess its contents. We’ll work with you to determine what you intend to keep and what you’d like us to sell for you. It’s important that we respect the memories and attachments you may have to certain items, which is why we make sure you’ve tucked away any precious heirlooms before we begin removing furniture, or jewelry, artwork from the home.

Hiring us to take care of your estate auctions means minimal stress for you because we’ll work hard to take care of everything from organizing, scheduling, and monitoring sales.

Oftentimes we’re able to pick up, sell, and reconcile most assets in your Kissimmee home within 10 days, so you can get on with your life as quickly as possible.

About Orlando Estate Auction

At Orlando Estate Auction, our mission is to provide clients with courteous, efficient service to make the liquidation process as stress-free as possible. We buy and sell merchandise, so when you have a house that needs to be emptied, know that we have your back with only a 10 percent buyer’s premium.

We’ll send most items you have in your home:

  • Furniture
  • Home Décor
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Sterling Silver
  • Antiques/Collectibles
  • Guns
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork
  • Workout Equipment

If you’re in need of liquidation services for your Kissimmee property, or the property of a loved one, call the experts at (407) 290-1000.