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Consignment auctions are in-person and present tense; you see the item, you examine the item, you bid on the item. If you win, it’s yours. At Orlando Estate Auction, it’s that easy – and that exciting, too.

With the ascension of the internet, the marketplace for available merchandise is now global. While this is in many ways a positive development, there’s still no substitute for getting a good look at what you’re buying, up close and personal. In particular, if you’re on the hunt for antiques or collectibles, you want to examine them, to hold them in your hands and feel their weight to assess their value. Making an online purchase offers no guarantee that you’re getting what you read in the description. If things don’t work out and you’re dissatisfied for some reason, you face the hassle of packing up and reshipping the item.

Looking for the Best Buys in Orlando?

Veteran antique, furniture, and knick-knack dealers have known the value of estate and consignment auctions for years. The best stuff – for lack of a better phrase – isn’t in stores. It sure isn’t on the Internet. No, you find the most desirable purchases at auctions; private individuals’ merchandise sold on special consignment. With an estate auction, a lifetime’s worth of possessions are taken over by a reputable firm, cataloged and sold all at once. In the case of Orlando Estate Auction, it all happens within ten days or less. Therefore, nobody can “get the jump” on you – every dealer, every potential buyer, sees the merchandise at the same time. Why pay inflated prices at antique and collectible stores?

Consignment auctions are both fast and fun. At Orlando Estate Auction, they take place on Mondays and Saturdays. You can examine each item to your heart’s content during previews, one hour before each auction begins. Register with just a valid driver’s license and a phone number. We issue you a number – and you’re free to bid on anything! Eventually, the item or items you had your eye on during the preview will come up for auction. Get your number card ready. The Orlando auctioneer talks fast, so those who pay attention stand to gain the most reward! It’s a competitive atmosphere, albeit a friendly one. The auction isn’t over until everything sells, whatever the price. So bargain hunters are welcome.

Consignment Auctions Make a Difficult Time Easier

Are you looking at a house full of memories because a loved one has passed away? Along with those memories are many years’ worth of possessions, some of which go back decades or even longer. Orlando Estate Auction will catalog every single item – from a 500-pound credenza to a salad fork weighing one-third of an ounce – and price it accordingly. The inventory list is created and printed for distribution to our auction customers. After the sale, you’ll receive a check – minus our modest fee – within a few days. Consignment auctions are not like estate sales; with the latter, the contents of a house are sold right there on-site, with strangers wandering around Grandma’s living room all day. By using our services, everything from packing up the house to making that final sale is taken care of, start to finish.

Of course, the memory of your loved one is your primary concern. Whatever you want to keep, including photographs, mementos, heirlooms and even valuable antiques – just take them with you. Our courteous and professional team will also advise you on the prospective value of jewelry, sterling silver, fine art, and such things as stocks and bonds. Consequently, what goes into consignment auctions is up to you – literally, the consignee.

Do you need help from the consignment auctions experts? Are you a buyer looking for the best opportunities in Central Florida? Let Orlando Estate Auction work for you! Contact us here or call us at (407) 209-1000.