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There are many ways to go about finding those buying silver in the Orlando area, but which one is best? There are pawn shops that promise top dollar, online companies and auction sites, scrap metal dealers, yard sales, estate sales, or even heading to an antique dealer if your pieces fit that description; however, all of these options present unique problems.

Cash for precious metal buyers need to make a profit and so cannot not pay full market value for a piece, while those persons buying silver online have trouble trusting anonymous auctions making it difficult for web sellers. Fortunately there is another option right here in the area for those looking to sell their valuable sterling items: Orlando Estate Auction.

With our efficient services, and extensive network of buyers and professionals, we’ll help you find those Orlando individuals and collectors who are buying silver items such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Coins
  • Bars
  • Pocket watches
  • Candlesticks
  • Tea & Coffee Sets
  • Jugs Pitchers
  • Silverware, Flatware, & Hollowware
  • Plates & Bowls
  • Ladles
  • Trays
  • Even broken and scrap pieces!

Benefitrs of Buying Silver at Orlando Estate Auction

The auction services we provide are ideal for anyone who wants to make the highest profit possible, and can encompass the sale of a small collection to an entire estate sale. We can promise you the easiest and least stressful process while earning you the highest dollar because:

  1. Auctions cause bidders to drive up prices by bidding against each other. This can’t be achieved with a simple estate sale, where often the best items are purchased up front for whatever it is that the first buyer will offer. This applies especially well to buying silver antique items.
  2. We handle all of the marketing for you, and with our many connections and years of experience; we can ensure the highest volumes of bidders attend.
  3. Unlike with a private estate sale, or even when hiring a company to hold one for you on the premises, we remove that stress by having the auction at one of our private warehouses. We even move all of the items you wish to sell for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. This way there is no need to worry about dozens of strangers traipsing through your home or having to clean up after the event.
  4. You only pay us a small commission fee, so you know that we will do our best to get you a premium price on all of your things.

After the auction has been completed, we send you a check in the mail for the total. It’s that simple! And if our streamlined process for finding you Orlando individuals who are buying silver still sounds like too much trouble, we also offer an easy buyers service. This option is ideal for those who would like to sell their items as quickly as possible. We will send out an expert to appraise your items, write you a check up front, and move all of the items out for you!

Circumstances of a Sale

At Orlando Estate Auctions we know that the circumstances that led our clients to seek estate liquidation services, or those who are buying silver, can be a demanding time. Some have lost a loved one and inherited their estate; others are moving cross country, or downsizing to a simpler home, while others still are selling off a prized sterling collection of jewelry or tableware. This is why we present the easiest methods for selling off these items, while still respecting their full value.

Are you looking for a company that is buying silver in the Orlando area? Don’t waste your time and efforts only to receive less for your valuables anywhere else. Contact us today to learn how simple we can make the entire ordeal. For more information on our services, or to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives, call us today at (407) 290-1000.