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At Orlando Estate Auction we offer headache-free estate and business liquidation services in Lake Mary and the surrounding areas. Clearing out any building whether it is a home or a place of work is never an easy thing, but rather a time consuming hassle. We know that not only do you want to get rid of it all, but you are also going to want to turn your remaining assets into cash to pay back your creditors or hopefully, to put in your own wallet and Orlando Estate Auction can do it for you.

Buy and Sell

No matter what the reason may be, when it does come time for business liquidation, everything has to go. You should have a compiled list of your items that are in your Lake Mary space as well as security deposits with landlords, utilities, or taxing agencies and prepaid insurance premiums. You can turn to Orlando Estate Auction to buy and sell:

  • Equipment and electronics, such as computers, phones, cash registers, and credit card machines
  • Office furniture and supplies
  • Real estate
  • Property estate

The Orlando Estate Auction Difference

At Orlando Estate Auction, we take care of this stressful process for you and help you see the results you are hoping for. We offer clients business liquidation along with these services for only a 10% buyer’s premium:

  • Selling- Our company operates an Absolute Auction with no reserves or minimums.
  • Buying- Orlando Estate Auction is available to either purchase your items outright, or sell the items for you through consignment. We buy almost anything that can be found in a Lake Mary home, office, or storage unit.
  • Quick Turn Around- Our average time for complete reconciliation for all of your items is ten days.

Choosing to sell through an auction rather than a traditional estate sale, will ensure you get the results you want at the end of this process. Business liquidation auctions get rid of every last item that needs to be sold whether through bidder or through consignment. This way you aren’t left with anything you don’t want. In just ten days Orlando Estate Auction will pick up your items from anywhere in Lake Mary and sell them. It is as easy as it sounds. We will also give you a printed list of items sold as well as exactly what they were sold for so you can directly see the results.

Auctions will also provide you with the best financial results after business liquidation. Not only is this because all items sell, but also because auctions give off a competitive atmosphere where bidders are more likely to buy. Estate sales are a lot like garage sales, so instead of pricing and tagging everything by yourself, our experts have the experience and knowledge to do all of that for you.

Call Orlando Estate Auction for Your Business Liquidation Needs

Orlando Estate Auction holds auctions at our downtown gallery each week. These are open to anyone in Lake Mary and beyond who is interested, with a valid driver license and phone number, in order to accumulate a wide range of bidders. Just like our business liquidation services, even our auctions are fast, efficient, and convenient and each one contains a variety of interesting inventory that is available for immediate purchase.

Our company’s mission is to provide professional, efficient, and ethical service to all of our clients. We strive to make this process easy and profitable. So when it comes time to clear out any space in the Lake Mary area and you are in need of reliable and experienced help, look no further than Orlando Estate Auction. For more information on our business liquidation services give our office a call today at (407) 290-1000.