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What will Orlando Estate Auction do for you?

The best estate auction company will help you learn the difference between an Estate Sale and an Estate Auction, and Orlando Estate Auction is here to help you get rid of and sell your valuable unwanted items.

Our mission is to provide professional, efficient and ethical service to all of our clients. We strive to make estate liquidation easy and profitable even when the client is out of town.

I’m worried my items won’t sell.

  • An estate sale is often referred to as a “tag sale” or “conducted garage sale.” With estate sale, there are no guarantees your items will be sold.
  • With an estate auction nearly everything that can sell, will sell, thanks to the best estate auction company. This is the most important thing to remember between estate sale vs estate auction: items are far more likely to be sold in Orlando at an auction than in a sale.

What sale time-frame am I looking at?

  • An estate sale will place your items on sale for 2-4 days. This gives potential buyers more time for contemplation. People who are familiar with buying at estate sales also know that the best items are usually sold on the first day. They won’t bother buying the items that are still left after day three or four.
  • An estate auction holds the auction at a specific time for one day only in Orlando. This creates a sense of excitement and urgency to buy an item that only the best estate auction company can. If a buyer doesn’t act now, he won’t get a chance to later.

Who sets the prices?

  • Prices are predetermined by one or two people in the company you hire for an estate sale. This means the price may be too high, putting your items at a high-risk of not being sold at all. It’s also possible that the items get priced too low, which means you could be losing money on each item.
  • At an auction in Orlando, prices are decided using a live, competitive bidding process. The buyers will compete for your items and thus create the prices themselves. This guarantees the highest sale you can receive on each item because the items always go to the highest bidder thanks to the best estate auction company.

Where will the sale/auction be held?

  • Most of the time, estate sales are held in the seller’s home. The public is granted full, unsupervised access into your home to touch and look at your items in Orlando. This sale could go on for a few days and your family will have to deal with people walking in and out of your house on a regular basis.
  • The best estate auction company will place auction items in an approved area outside of the seller’s house. Auctions also have at least one employee monitoring the shopping process. Our auctions are held in our downtown Orlando gallery on Saturdays.

Who will buy my items?

  • During an estate sale only a limited number of potential buyers may look at an item at one time. Generally speaking, about five to 20 people will be looking at your sale items at one time. This means that the first person to buy your item gets it. This limits competition and the potential rise of prices.
  • As the best estate auction company in Orlando, all of our auctions are open to the public at one time which gives an equal opportunity to all buyers to see the items simultaneously. This guarantees items will be sold to the person with the highest price, not the person who sees the item first.

What to Look For in the Best Estate Auction Company:

Estate liquidation can happen a number of different ways, two of the most popular being estate sale and auction. But what makes the best estate auction company the better option?

  • The best part about using Orlando Estate Auction is how fast the process works. We pick up, sell, and reconcile most estates within 10 days.
  • Our polite and professional staff will meet you at your residence in Orlando, efficiently collect all items, create the inventory list, ready all of your items for sale on property, sell every item in the building on Saturday, then send you a check on Wednesday for the proceeds of the inventory list, less our commission.
  • Auctions often incline people to buy more items because there’s a sense of urgency—an environment of friendly competition.
  • The auctions only end once every item is sold by the best estate auction company.

If you have any questions, or are in need of our services, call us now at (407) 209-1000.