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Using Orlando Estate Auction is the quickest and most convenient way to liquidate an entire estate or simply downsize an accumulation of household goods. An absolute auction is quick and easy for sellers, and all of your items will be sold. Competitive bidding among buyers guarantees that every piece will be sold and paid for on the spot.

It can be daunting to think about dealing with a lifetime’s worth of furnishings, collectibles and everyday items. Sorting, pricing, listing and organizing for a tag sale or online auction could take weeks or even months. Orlando Estate Auction takes all of the hassle out of this process.  We’ll pick up and sell your goods and have your proceeds ready all within 10 days.

How Does an Auction Company Work?

We will happily come to your home and carefully collect anything that you would like to sell. We will fill out a contract and prepare your inventory for sale at our downtown Orlando auction company gallery.

There are numerous advantages to using our facility. Hundreds of buyers come to our weekly events, ready to spend. You avoid the trouble of having the hordes of strangers in your home that a tag sale would bring.

We conduct an absolute auction with no reserves and no minimums. Your articles will sell. You won’t have to worry about any leftovers. We sell everything on Saturday and we issue a check for your earnings (minus our commission; usually 35%) on the following Saturday.

We Offer Several Distinct Advantages Over Online Sales:

  • Speed-Our entire process, from pickup to reconciliation is usually complete within 10 days.
  • Shipping-No packaging, no weighing, no insurance, and no visits to the Post Office.
  • Payment-No payment hassles.
  • 100% Seller protection-No returns; Orlando Estate Auction Company handles all contact with purchasers.

What Can I Sell with an Auction Company?

Almost anything that you would find in a house, a garage, office or workshop can be sold at auction. We have found that certain pieces always bring spirited bidding:

  • Jewelry
  • Antique Furniture
  • Other antiques and collectibles
  • Guns
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Artwork

Will Buyers be There?

By offering an abundant variety of quality merchandise every week, our downtown Orlando auction company keeps hundreds of buyers coming back again and again. Some focus on certain types of collectibles and many others will compete for anything that strikes their fancy. The one thing they all have in common is that they show up ready to spend money.

At Orlando Estate Auction Company, we provide several advantages that these buyers enjoy, as well. They can see the items being sold right in front of them. They are free to examine everything and, with the highest bid, they can take it home with them immediately.

There’s no guesswork on price, like you get with a silent auction or tag sale. All interested bidders reach a fair value by competitive consensus. Everybody has an equal chance to purchase any piece, and the bidding only stops when the highest purchase price has been reached.

What Are My Things Worth?

Common items typically bring reasonable bids up to a fair sum. Unique, collectible, or especially high-quality articles often spark competition that will drive the bidding higher than expected.

Since our pay (our commission) is based on the amount of money we make for you, we will do everything we can to maximize your return. We’ll highlight special collectibles to spark bidder interest. We market certain types of merchandise to specific specialty collectors. For example, if you are selling artwork we’ll notify all of our past art purchasers.

You can easily look online or find resale stores to try and determine the value of your goods, but that is still only a guess, and it only represents what somebody paid for something similar once. The real price is what somebody will pay, in cash, today. That is the most reliable measure of value and is best achieved by active bidders competing for your merchandise.

Our Orlando Estate Auction brings enthusiastic buyers and sellers together to benefit both.