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Finding and selling beautiful antique jewelry has never been easier. When you work with Orlando Estate Auction, you gain access to our amazing downtown gallery, where many come to see the various unique items for sale. Other fantastic pieces you will find include:

  • Furniture
  • Sterling
  • Collectables
  • Workout equipment
  • Guns
  • Musical Instruments
  • And more

So, no matter whether you are looking to buy or sell, you can be sure we provide the assistance you need.

Selling Property? We Have You Covered

If you need to sell your property as soon as possible, we know we can help. Our highly reputable estate liquidation service is designed to help you get your stuff out of your house and sold in the least amount of time. When you display all of your expensive antique jewelry in a garage sale, you expose yourself to a significant amount of risk. Nearby wanderers may try to steal from you onsite or may record your location because they know you have valuables. Do not put yourself, your family, or your property in danger – let Orlando Estate Auction eliminate this risk.

When working with us, we send professional and thoughtful movers to secure your property. They will prepare an inventory list for you – so that you can keep track of your belongings – and then carefully package your items and place them in the moving truck. Now you can rest assured knowing that all of the valuable antique jewelry in your Orlando home has been safely moved to a protected location.

Personal Liquidation Services

Once your belongings are at our charming downtown Orlando gallery, they will be put on display for hundreds of eager individuals to peruse and buy. What truly sets our liquidation service apart is the air of competition that perfumes our weekly showings. Here, people are surrounded by other eager buyers who are also in search of a treasure or two they can take home. This feeling of urgency and immediacy creates demand that has people buying your antique jewelry at the highest prices. Thus, you can receive invoices that you never thought possible.

Looking for Some Antique Jewelry to Bring Home?

If you are seeking to add a piece to your home, our diverse auctions are perfect for you. At Orlando Estate Auction, we set high standards for items that enter our venue and opt to only present the most desired pieces. This provides a significant benefit to our buyers because they do not have to waste time sifting through item after item, trying to stumble upon something they like – a task often necessary during garage sales. By joining the hundreds of like-minded people attending our weekly showings, you can find lavish, memorable antique jewelry to add to your personal collection with ease.

Register Today and Attend This Weekend

It is important to note all people wanting to attend our weekly gallery must first register with us. To do so you will need a valid driver’s license and phone number. Once you have completed your registration, you gain full access to our downtown location where you can bid on any piece shown. One major benefit of these auctions is the quality of the belongings presented. You can find first-rate:

  • Antiques
  • Home décor
  • Artwork
  • Fine China

All at prices that you could not get anywhere else.

Orlando Estate Auction – Providing You with the Items You Want

We are dedicated to bringing you the beautiful, memorable, and high-quality antique jewelry you are looking for in Orlando. You should not have to waste hours filtering through unwanted items, such as old VHS tapes, clothing with shoulder pads, or broken toys. A better use of your time is to peruse valuable belongings with like-minded people at a professional venue.

If, instead, you want to sell your property, we are confident we can provide you with the best service around. We have a superior turnaround that averages ten days, so you can receive your money when you need it.

There is no better time to get the assistance you need than right now. If you are trying to buy or sell antique jewelry in Orlando, call 407-290-1000 today and speak to a knowledgeable specialist about what we can do for you.