What is the benefit of using an estate auction as opposed to an estate sale?

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What is the benefit of using an estate auction as opposed to an estate sale?

There are several benefits to using an estate auction company to liquidate an estate rather than an on-site estate sale company. An estate auction company will immediately empty the house of all of the deceased relatives belongings. This enables for the largest asset, the real estate, to be prepared and sold. When an on-site estate sale company is hired to liquidate an estate the preparation process is lengthy, the sale day traffic is disturbing to the neighbors and neighborhood, the real estate suffers excessive wear and tear diminishing its value, the utility expense increasing and the appliances such as air conditioners run non stop and are sometimes damaged from the excessive use. Additionally an insurance policy must remain in effect to cover any injuries to the estate sale company employees and the estate sale bargain hunters. The results of an on-site estate sale are often dismal with the remaining unsold items most often ending up at Orlando Estate Auction for final disposition. The inefficient process of an on-site estate sale tends to be discovered after the several month long process is over. An on-site estate sale may sell small collectibles that can be carried out in a purse or small bag yet large items tend to be unsold at the end of an on-site estate sale. This is due to the typical customer of an estate sale being collectors or online store operators. The large items are too cumbersome to handle by these collectors as they cannot be easily loaded and transported as the estate sale company does not have staff on hand to help loading. They tend to  post many signs that loading is up to the purchaser due to “insurance regulations”. The additional fact about larger items is that they cannot be easily or efficiently shipped therefore remain unsold. 

At our weekly estate sales by auction at Orlando Estate Auction we have a bidders base of more than 65,000 registered bidders that browse our online gallery each week. Many of these bidders are owners of local antique stores, furniture stores, jewelers and coin collectors, online store operators, collectible store owners, interior decorators and online store owners. All of these industry professionals meet weekly at Orlando Estate Auction to bid on estate sale items to stock their stores with. As these professionals do not have the time to visit on-site estate sales the only way to put your estate sale inventory in front of this large group of bidders is to consign your estate with Orlando Estate Auction.

The best part about using Orlando Estate Auction is how fast and efficient the process works. We pick up, sell, and reconcile most estates within 10 days. This process provides the highest value for your estate inventory in a rapid fashion so that you have the funds available to settle funeral expenses as well as the freedom to prepare and sell the real estate asset. 

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