FAQ's Orlando Estate Auction

1) What is the difference between an estate sale and an estate auction?

An estate sale is held at the home and can be a lengthy process. A company will come in, price each and every item in the house for individual sale, and conduct a 2 or 3 day sale to sell as much of the inventory as possible. Most companies are booked several weeks out with expected turnaround times of at least a month. An estate auction is held at our gallery near downtown Orlando. Interested buyers come once a week to bid on the inventory we have collected for sale. We sell every item in the gallery to the highest bidder. We can pick up and clear an estate within 24-48 hours, we hold an auction every Saturday, we send out consignor checks every Wednesday. Our expected estate liquidation turnaround time is typically 5-10 days.

2) What sort of items does Orlando Estate Auction sell?

Orlando Estate Auction sells just about anything you can imagine finding in a house! If it is in a home, garage, office, or storage unit we can usually sell it. Common items include: antiques, fine furniture, guns, cars, porcelain, artwork, decorative items, household items, electronics, workout equipment, etc.

3) How does the process of selling an estate work?

Our  estate liquidation process is very simple and efficient. We have a polite and courteous crew of men who will meet you at your residence. The men will load everything from the house quickly and efficiently. They will have a contract which will be filled out to list the inventory that we are picking up to sell on your behalf. When the truck is back at the gallery we will sort and prepare your items for selling. On Saturday we sell every item in the building. The following Wednesday we send you a check for the proceeds of the inventory less our commission, (usually 35%). You will receive a printed inventory listing your items as well as how much each sold for.

4) Are your auctions open to the public?

Anyone can attend the auction and bid on the items in the sale. At registration please provide us with a valid driver’s license and a phone number. After that you’re free to buy whatever you'd like.

5) What is the benefit of using an estate auction as opposed to an estate sale?

The best part about using Orlando Estate Auction is how fast and efficient the process works. We pick up, sell, and reconcile most estates within 10 days.

Past Items

Take a look at our gallery to see some items we have sold at our previous estate auctions!

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  • Selling

    We operate an Absolute Auction with no reserves and no minimums.

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  • Buying

    We are available to purchase items outright, or sell the items for you on consignment.

  • Quick Turn-Arounds

    Our typical time for complete reconciliation of your estate items is 10 days.

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