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When faced with the disposition of a loved one’s estate efficiency counts. The quick, rapid estate sale services offered by Orlando Estate Auction are most often the best method to liquidate a loved one’s estate. The need to seek estate sale services may be in order to downsize to a smaller home, to relocate to assisted living or more often to liquidate a deceased loved one’s estate. Professional estate sale services Orlando are what we do every day, enabling rapid and profitable liquidation of your estate inventory. 

As in many cases the need for liquidating an estate is a task that suddenly becomes a need. When pre planning loved one’s typically do not plan the disposition of their estate assets. They do not preplan estate sale services as they do in pre-planning a funeral. Then upon a loved one’s passing the chore of liquidating an estate is a task that has not been addressed. Soon after the placing a loved one to rest one must begin thinking about estate liquidation.

When seeking estate sale services one should consider that the real estate asset should be emptied as soon as possible in order to prepare it for sale. This means that hosting an on-site estate sale is not the most feasible option for liquidating an estate. The estate sale services offered by Orlando Estate Auction will empty the real estate asset in one day leaving it available for realtors and brokers to begin marketing it for sale. As the real estate asset averages to be 90% of the value of an average estate, emptying the estate in a rapid fashion is critical to settling an estate. There is no time to waste hosting an on-site estate sale when considering liquidating an estate.  

Once the decision to liquidate an estate with Orlando Estate Auction, or estate sale services process begins or estate sale services will be quick and trouble free. With one call or one email you will initiate our efficient and time proven process of liquidating your loved one’s estate. From first call to issuing a check our estate sale process takes on average of 11 days.

At Orlando Estate Auction our estate sale services include photo submission using our Estate Sale Consignment Form. Following image submission we will discuss your estate and set realistic expectations based upon many years of historical data. A formal agreement will be prepared and executed. This all happens within one day of your initial contact. The next step in our process is to dispatch our professional team to catalog and empty your real estate and transport your inventory to our auction gallery. The following Saturday your estate sale inventory will be auctioned to highest bidder where each and every item will be sold at an absolute auction. A check for the proceeds of the estate auction of your inventory minus our commission will be mailed to you on the following Wednesday.

Our streamlined estate sale liquidation service will quickly reconcile your loved ones estate possessions in a trouble free fashion. Our services are designed to be hands off by our consignors allowing them to address other pressing issues with the passing of their loved ones.

Of course we do welcome pre-planning of an estate sale by those who want to address this issue in a pre -planning fashion. Contact us to attend one of our estate sale auctions and discuss our estate sale services so that you may include your estate disposition in your estate pre-planning to alleviate any probate issues upon your passing.