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FAQ’s Orlando Estate Auction 2018-03-24T04:01:54-04:00
What is the proper etiquette for attending an estate auction? 2018-03-24T05:42:40-04:00

During our public auction we ask that you refrain from too much talking as it make it hard to hear for others that are bidding, buying, and anticipating.

As our auctions are  open to the public children are permitted but must be escorted by an adult at all times, we ask that you remove any noisy children from the gallery so that our estate sale by auction can proceed uninterrupted. 

There is no smoking permitted within our estate auction gallery.

Bidder cards must be raised high in the air to indicate your placement of a bid. If your card is not held high in he air our estate sales services staff will not see your bid and someone else will be placing the winning bid. Don’t miss out on that item that you cannot live without because you did not raise your card in the air. 

Drinks are permitted within the gallery seating area, drinks and snacks are not permitted within the estate auction inventory display area.

Parking is not permitted in front of any of the loading bay doors on the entire length of the building, no exceptions. 


What is the benefit of using an estate auction as opposed to an estate sale? 2018-03-24T04:37:56-04:00

There are several benefits to using an estate auction company to liquidate an estate rather than an on-site estate sale company. An estate auction company will immediately empty the house of all of the deceased relatives belongings. This enables for the largest asset, the real estate, to be prepared and sold. When an on-site estate sale company is hired to liquidate an estate the preparation process is lengthy, the sale day traffic is disturbing to the neighbors and neighborhood, the real estate suffers excessive wear and tear diminishing its value, the utility expense increasing and the appliances such as air conditioners run non stop and are sometimes damaged from the excessive use. Additionally an insurance policy must remain in effect to cover any injuries to the estate sale company employees and the estate sale bargain hunters. The results of an on-site estate sale are often dismal with the remaining unsold items most often ending up at Orlando Estate Auction for final disposition. The inefficient process of an on-site estate sale tends to be discovered after the several month long process is over. An on-site estate sale may sell small collectibles that can be carried out in a purse or small bag yet large items tend to be unsold at the end of an on-site estate sale. This is due to the typical customer of an estate sale being collectors or online store operators. The large items are too cumbersome to handle by these collectors as they cannot be easily loaded and transported as the estate sale company does not have staff on hand to help loading. They tend to  post many signs that loading is up to the purchaser due to “insurance regulations”. The additional fact about larger items is that they cannot be easily or efficiently shipped therefore remain unsold. 

At our weekly estate sales by auction at Orlando Estate Auction we have a bidders base of more than 65,000 registered bidders that browse our online gallery each week. Many of these bidders are owners of local antique stores, furniture stores, jewelers and coin collectors, online store operators, collectible store owners, interior decorators and online store owners. All of these industry professionals meet weekly at Orlando Estate Auction to bid on estate sale items to stock their stores with. As these professionals do not have the time to visit on-site estate sales the only way to put your estate sale inventory in front of this large group of bidders is to consign your estate with Orlando Estate Auction.

The best part about using Orlando Estate Auction is how fast and efficient the process works. We pick up, sell, and reconcile most estates within 10 days. This process provides the highest value for your estate inventory in a rapid fashion so that you have the funds available to settle funeral expenses as well as the freedom to prepare and sell the real estate asset. 

Are your estate auctions open to the public? 2018-03-24T05:26:44-04:00

Anyone over 18 years of age can attend our Saturday auctions at Orlando Estate Auction and bid on the items in the sale. At our estate auction registration please provide us with a valid driver’s license and a phone number. After that you’re free to buy whatever you’d like during our estate auction. Our estate auction gallery is centrally located in Orlando Florida’s warehouse district so that our Orlando Estate auction is near everybody. 

Our doors open at 3:00 p.m. sharp every Saturday for a one hour public preview of our estate sale inventory that we will be auctioning that evening. Our warehouse is packed full on a weekly basis so be sure to arrive with enough time to preview the items that you are interested in bidding on. As some estates inventories arrive after our Wednesday estate inventory photo shoot there are many items that are not featured in our online gallery that will be on display for preview. 


How do your estate sale services and the process of selling an estate work? 2018-03-24T05:18:47-04:00

Our  estate sale services are built upon a streamlined no trouble liquidation process which offers efficient and rapid liquidation of estate inventory. Our estate sale services pick up team consists of a polite and courteous crew of men and women who will meet you at your residence. These estate services professionals will load everything in your house that we can sell for you. They will have a contract which will be filled out to list the inventory that we are picking up to sell on your behalf. Our estate sale services team cannot list every single small item and may describe some items as box lot of dishware or box of linens. The larger items are itemized on this inventory, this streamlining of our process respects that your time is valuable and you do not have the time to wait for us to list every cup, saucer and spoon yet our estate services inventory will list every larger value item. 

When our Orlando Estate Auction estate sales services truck is back at our auction gallery we will sort and prepare your estate inventory items for selling. Large items are labeled individually with your consignor identification and boxed lots are marked by placing them in an area of our gallery that has been marked by our estate sale services staff with your consignor item. Boxes are also marked with your consignor number to insure that your estate sale inventory is separated form other estates in our gallery. On Saturday we sell every item in the building, our estate sale services staff are assigned positions during the Orlando Estate Auction preview hour from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to insure that bidders do not mix your estate sale items with those of other estates. Our professional staff also monitors to insure that items remain as displayed in our gallery set up as our estate sale services preparation team places items for optimal bidding based upon historical bidder data.

The Wednesday following the Saturday estate sale auction we send you a check for the proceeds of the inventory less our commission, (usually 35%). You will receive a printed inventory listing your estate items as well as how much each sold for. 

What sort of estatesale items does Orlando Estate Auction sell? 2018-03-24T05:16:27-04:00

Orlando Estate Auction sells just about anything you can imagine finding in a house at our weekly Satuday estatesales by auction! If it is found in a home, garage, office, or storage unit we can usually sell it. Common items include: estate antiques, fine furniture, estate guns, estate vehicles and deceased relatives cars, porcelain, artwork, decorative items, household items, electronics, workout equipment, yard equipment, appliances, garden ornamentation, linens, and all other estatesale items. 

Our estatesales by auction gallery is packed full of inventory from several estates for every Saturday estate auction. Your estatesales inventory that is marked and then placed in our gallery and displayed with the inventory of several other estates typically draws a full house with standing room only overflow in the rear of our gallery on a weekly basis. Your estatesale items that are most unique will bring bidders from all over the state as our online preview that is posted on Wednesday evenings is viewed by thousands of registered bidders on the following two days. 

When we receive full estates for estatesale by auction our bidders show up on Saturdays and our gallery fills with excitement, comradery, competitive spirit and bidding cards raised high in the air as bidders compete to purchase your estatesale inventory. The excitement of our auctions is unmatched by any auction in the state of Florida with a registered bidder database that is constantly growing. 

At Orlando Estate Auction we like to say “We have it… You want it!”. Our bidders are constantly frustrated from being outbid on our consignors estatesale inventory items, items that they can’t leave without. 

What is the difference between an estate sale and an estate auction? 2018-03-24T04:49:27-04:00

An estate sale or on-site estate sale is held at the home and can be a lengthy process. A company will come in, price each and every item in the house for individual sale, and conduct a 2 or 3 day sale to sell as much of your deceased relatives estate inventory as possible. Most companies are booked several weeks out with expected turnaround times of at least a month. This type of estate liquidation has many tangible expenses such as additional utility bills, exposure to liability, insurance requirements of the estate, wear and tear on the real estate asset and its appliances as well as wear and tear on the landscape, neighbors, and neighborhood. The thought of inviting dozens of strangers into a deceased relatives home to pick and haggle for bargains is not pleasant. 

At Orlando Estate Auction our estate auctions are held at our gallery near downtown Orlando every Saturday. Interested buyers come once a week to bid on the multiple estate inventories that we have collected for the auction. We sell every item in our estate auction gallery to the highest bidder this is known as an absolute auction. No matter where you are located, an estate auction service company can typically pick up and clear an estate within 24-48 hours, we hold auctions every Saturday evening and send out consignor checks that next Wednesday. Our expected estate liquidation turnaround time is typically 5-10 days with no wear or tear on your real estate asset. With our trouble free rapid estate sale process by estate auction your estates inventory is liquidated without the extra expense and liability risk that an on-site estate sale presents.

Visit our next Saturday estate auction or view our online videos to experience the excitement of an estate sale by auction at Orlando Estate Auction.