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Why Estate Auctions Are Best Option After Death of Loved One

Many people choose to do estate auctions in Orlando, rather than estate sales after a loved one has passed away and they have to handle all of their property and belongings. While it is possible to do either one, there are a number of advantages the estate auctions have over estate sales.

When you need to get rid of a large number of items like, in some cases, an entire home's worth of stuff, it can be quite overwhelming. A professional estate liquidation company in Orlando will come to the home and pack up all the items for you, making the process significantly less stressful. You, of course, get to decide what stays and what goes.

Orlandao Estate Auction Process

After everything has been itemized, the items will be brought to the downtown gallery in Orlando to be auctioned off. The auction will not end until every item is sold. This is different from an estate sale because in “tag sales” at the end of the day, whatever has not been sold is kept-- either by the owner or to be bought outright by the liquidation company.

It has been our experience that you are more likely to get more cash for your items during an auction rather than a sale. With an estate sale all items have a set tag price on them. So if someone is not interested, there really is not negotiating.

Again, estate auctions will go on until every item is sold. Because everyone is competing with a room full of other people for an item, it creates a sense of urgency and heightened competition. With tag sales it is generally first come first serve, but with auctions it is whoever is willing to pay the highest price.

Orlando Estate Auction has a dedicated group of loyal customers that visit our downtown gallery every Saturday for the auctions. We will save you and your family a lot of time and stress by taking the items off your hands, conducting the auction for you, then giving you the money.

For more information, or to learn more about how the process works, give us a call at 407-290-1000.

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Orlando Auction Company

If you are looking to sell any valuables, and get the best price for them, you should contact an auction company in Orlando. Estate liquidations can happen in a variety of ways, but the most effective way to get top dollar prices through an auction. Instead of having a garage or estate sale, an auction will allow for the selling of your merchandise in a professional and controlled setting, for the highest price possible. 

What Does An Auction Company Do?

When you hire a qualified auction company in Orlando as Orlando Estate, we will come to your home and pack up everything you want to be sold, and afterwards deliver you an inventory of everything sold, along with a check.
Some of the most popular items we sell are:

• Workout equipment
• Jewelry
• Artwork
• Electronics
• Tools
• Home décor
• Antiques
• Sterling silver
• Furniture
• Guns

As a trusted auction company in Orlando, we know this will be the best option for you to get the most amount of money. First of all, since every item will be sold, you will not be stuck with the few items no one wants; the public sale does not stop until everything is gone. Also, these sales create a sense of urgency, which incites people to buy more than they may have normally. In comparison to garage or estate sales, auctions drive the prices up, since there is usually more than one person interested in an item.
In just ten days, we can take all of your unwanted items, inventory them, sell them, and give you a check. Our process is simple and efficient, with a 35% commission rate. Every Saturday we auction off every item in the building, and you will have your check by Wednesday.

Here at Orlando Auction, we strive to make estate liquidation easy and profitable for you, which is why we consider ourselves the best choice for an auction company in Orlando. To get started with your estate liquidation today, call us at 407-290-1000; we promise you will be satisfied with the results of our sale.

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Selling Your Estate Jewelry

At Orlando Estate Auction we hold weekly events to auction off antique items such as paintings, furniture, fine art, and jewelry. Among the most common of items is estate jewelry.

But what is Estate Jewelry?

Many people have jewelry that gets passed down in their family that eventually loses its allure to the family members. Whether it is because it is broken or simply because it is something no one can ever see themselves wearing, often time’s people want to sell their antique jewelry for cash. At Orlando Estate we offer the highest profit for your products. We manage estate jewelry auctions where we act as a third party to create a hassle-free experience when selling your merchandise.

By choosing to sell with us you will not only reach a broader audience and take a lot of stress out of the equation, but you will also be significantly increasing your chances of getting more money for your item(s).  While you may not find the piece of any value, others may find it to be a treasure.

We have loyal auction attendees that come in to our downtown Orlando gallery every week. In the competitive environment, people will compete for your items, and it will ultimately be given to the highest bidder. We will then mail you a check within 10 days! Another option is to let us buy your antique jewelry outright; we will come to you, give it an analysis, and then agree on a price.

For more information give us a call today at 407-290-1000.

We also buy and sell:

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Estate Liquidation: How Does it Work?

It can be difficult to deal with estate liquidation in Orlando, especially if you know nothing about the process. If you have recently lost a loved one, or you are simply downsizing, placing value on a lifetime’s collection of household treasures can be overwhelming. An absolute auction is the best way to maximize your return and minimize your inconvenience.

Orlando Estate Auction handles every step of the process quickly and courteously. Our weekly sales draw hundreds of eager buyers. You could easily spend weeks or months sorting through a household full of articles and trying to put a price on them. Or you can let our enthusiastic cash bidders compete to set a value. You’ll receive a check the following Wednesday for all of your goods, along with an inventory and complete list of selling prices for each item.

How Estate Liquidation Works

When you contact us, we will dispatch our professional and respectful crew to your location within 2-3 days. At your direction, we will carefully pack each item that you wish to sell and we’ll provide you with a detailed inventory.

We’ll truck everything to our facility and prepare it for sale. For you, as a seller, there are several advantages to using our downtown gallery. You won’t have buyers traipsing through your home. You avoid the parking and traffic issues that can be a nuisance in a residential neighborhood. Our space is configured to display and sell your articles in the most favorable fashion. Best of all, we draw hundreds of energetic buyers to compete for your goods.

Another advantage for sellers is that we get paid based on how much money we make for you. Our commission (usually 35% for most items) gives us every incentive to make sure you get the maximum amount from our customers. We’ll use our experience handling estate liquidation in Orlando to present your assets optimally.  Favorable groupings, timing and knowing which of our regular buyers are interested in certain types of items will all work to maximize your profit.

What can I sell?

You can sell almost anything that you would find in a house, a basement or garage at an absolute auction. Liquidation and estate auctions bring out frequent buyers who will pay cash for a wide variety of household goods. Some of the items that are always in high demand and bring top prices include:

  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Jewelry
  • Guns
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Tools

Orlando Estate Auction conducts an absolute auction each week. Our bidders come prepared to buy your merchandise.

Sellers’ advantage

An absolute auction is the most efficient method of estate liquidation in Orlando.  With no reserves and no minimums, all items are guaranteed to sell. The sale only ends when all pieces have been sold. This is a distinct advantage over tag sales, which always have leftover unsold items.

With online sales, you could spend weeks photographing and listing each individual piece, and even more time arranging payments and shipping. Or you can let us handle all of the details and have your goods sold and have cash in hand in less than two weeks.

You have our assurance that we will treat you and your family with the utmost courtesy and respect. We’ll handle all of your goods carefully and maximize your return. It is the trouble-free way to quickly convert a houseful of goods into a handful of cash.

Buyers’ advantage

Bidders like the absolute auction, too. They can see every piece and if they win the bid they take it home right then and there. They don’t have to guess about values like they would at a tag sale or in an antique market. The crowd determines a fair value through competing bids. They don’t have to worry about being outbid at the last minute, like with online or silent auctions. They can simply keep bidding until they feel a fair price has been reached.

Buyers come from all over Central Florida to find unique treasures and quality household articles at Orlando Estate Auctions. If you are considering estate liquidation, let us show how easy it can be to turn your unneeded housewares into cash. 

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Selling Antiques in Orlando

If you have antiques you don’t need or want around the house, then calling Orlando Estate Auction would be a good idea.  You could kill two birds with one stone by not only getting rid of those dust collecting objects; you could also earn yourself some extra money.  You never know when something you no longer need might be exactly what someone else is looking for. As the truism goes, what you consider “junk” could be a valuable item to someone else.

Orlando Estate Auction can sell all your antiques as one lot, or we can sell them individually by conducting an absolute auction for you.  

Absolute Auction

An Absolute Auction does not have a reserve price which sets a minimum required bid for the item being sold.  (The bidding public sets the market value.) The sale is awarded to the highest bidder.

If you’re interested in selling antiques to make some money, then the best way to do that is to let Orlando Estate Auction sell them to the highest bidder.  We hold our auctions in our downtown gallery where we have a steady flow of repeat customers.  We know from years of experience that our customers are always looking for a wide range of things, from exercise equipment and tools to musical instruments, guns and fine art. 

Or if you want to conduct an estate liquidation sale, we handle everything from getting your antiques sell-ready, packing and moving the items, to performing the auction.  We are a full service estate liquidation company, available to purchase your items outright or sell them for you on consignment.  And you may be asking yourself:

How does the estate sale process work?

It’s easy; we can pick up, sell, and reconcile most estates within 10 days.   The process is very simple and efficient. Our crew of men meet you at your residence; load everything from the house carefully and quickly. They will have a contract to list the inventory we are picking up to sell on your behalf. Back at the gallery we sort and prepare your items for selling. On Saturday we sell every item in the building. The following Wednesday we send you a check for the proceeds of the inventory less our commission, (usually 35%). You receive a printed inventory listing of your items and how much each item is sold for.

If you are looking for a place to sell antiques in Orlando, or to learn more about the estate sale process, give us a call at 407-290-1000.

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Orlando Estate Auction Company | Why We're Helpful

Last month you decided it was time to move into that two-story country estate in Orange County that your parents left you and your wife in their will last year.  You have decided what items you want to keep with the family, and which items you would like to sell or auction, so it’s time to contact an Orlando estate auction company.

You’ve also had your current home in Tampa on the market and you have several potential buyers.  The sale could happen any day now so you can’t afford to waste any time.

At first you had the impractical idea of conducting an estate sale yourself, that is, until you realized what’s involved; how long it would take to inventory all the items, tag everything, advertise and oversee the sale.  Then you realized it would be smarter to call an estate auction company in Orlando.  Once you took the time to do your research, you realized all that time you could save by just letting the professionals handle it.

An estate auction company in Orlando would take care of everything for you.  You either sell your inventory to the auction company outright, or you could have them conduct an auction for you in their Orlando gallery. 

What a relief it was to locate a company in Orlando that could handle the complete auction process, including;


  • Packing & Moving
  • Preparing items to be sold
  • Performing the auction process (Fast-Efficient-Convenient)
  • A Guaranteed wide range of bidders


You also discovered you had a choice of allowing the estate auction company to conduct either a Reserve Auction or an Absolute Auction. Since you had already decided on what items you cherished, and really wanted to keep, you figured why bother with whether bids were “high” enough as set with a Reserve Auction.  But using the Absolute Auction where the bidders simply start bidding and highest bid wins, you estimated you could probably earn enough commission to pay the moving company to move your belongings from the Tampa home to the country estate, which was your main objective anyway. 


Call 407-290-1000

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