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Where to find the Best Antique Jewelry in Orlando

Orlando Estate Auction is your number one stop for antique jewelry. Do not settle or be swindled through online stores or by thrift, pawn, or vintage shops. Discover all of the best that Orlando has to offer in a fun and competitive environment. We take pride in our ethical sales and our professional, passionate, and knowledgeable auctioneers. We buy and sell through estate sales, auctions, and liquidations.

What Types of Jewelry Will I Find at Auction and Sale?

Selling Antique Jewelry | Orlando

We take pride in our variety of items within a multitude of categories. Discover pieces that fit your needs and style perfectly. We sell and auction a plethora of antique jewelry and accessories such as:

  • Necklaces, pendants, and lockets
  • Hat and hair pins
  • Brooches and bracelets
  • Watches, rings and earrings
  • Neck chains and anklets
  • Diamonds
  • Cufflinks and amulets
  • Medallions and Military pins

What Should I Know About Placing Value at Auction?

It is important to note several things when bidding on or purchasing antique jewelry in Orlando.

  1. Does the item work? Think along the lines of a watch.
  2. What time period is the item from?
  3. What type of antique is it?
  4. What material is the item made of?
  5. Was the previous owner someone of notable mention?
  6. How much wear does the item show?

What Are the Benefits of Antique Jewelry Auctions?

We reach a broader audience. We offer unique pieces from all over to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for. We provide buyers and sellers with a stress-free process. Bidding wars offer a fun and unique buying experience. You can discover here what you will never find in stores.

For more information on our antique jewelry or for any questions you may have, please call us at (407) 290-1000. Ready to buy? Meet us at 2573 Silver Star Rd., Orlando, Florida  32804 and discover the treasured accessory you have been dreaming of. Find unique and timeless items that are sure to draw attention. Orlando Estate Auction— where the past meets its future.

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Antique Collectibles and How to Place the Right Value on Them

At Orlando Estate Auction, we will assist you in placing the proper value on all of your antique collectibles. Why struggle with trying to appraise items yourself? Don’t lose money by allowing others to take advantage of you, or waste countless hours researching values online. We cherish our customers as much as we value their items. We believe that the buying and selling process should be stress-free, organized, easy, and professional.

What May Determine the Value of Antique Collectibles?

Antique Collectibles Orlando Estate Auction

There are several things buyers and sellers should look at and consider when it comes to antique collectibles.

Is the item still working? Just because it is up for auction does not mean that it is still functioning.

The category of antique collectibles your item falls under will also affect its value. Is it considered:

  • True antique (100+ years old)
  • Near antique (75-99 years old)
  • Vintage (40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc.)

Where you choose to sell and buy your items can affect the value. Different locations may place a higher value on items that they paid less for. Make sure you are not overpaying when you visit:

  • Garage sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Pawn shops

Why Buy and Sell Antiques at Orlando Estate Auction?

If you are looking for quality care and professional values, then it is important to select the right auction house. We provide outstanding, ethical, and profitable service to those in the Florida area. We guarantee:

  • Great Prices
  • Client focused collaboration
  • Full-service estate liquidation service
  • Assistance with packing, moving, prepping items, transporting, and selling
  • Ten day process and completion
  • Auctions will not end until all items are sold
  • Passionate professionals
  • Anyone can attend and bid on items in the sale

We work with furniture, jewelry, electronics, home decor, guns, artwork, gym equipment, antique collectibles, and more! We promise to aid you in placing the right value on your precious items whether you are buying or selling. Call (407) 290-1000 or visit us at 2573 Silver Star Rd., Orlando, Florida 32804 today! See the difference. Know the value.

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Business Liquidation: Selling Office Furniture and Fixtures

business liquidationThe closing of a company or business in Windermere can be a very trying event. Whether you are just hoping to move locations, you’re moving to a virtual office, or you want to move on to another opportunity or perhaps retirement, you’re left wondering what to do with all of the office furniture you had. While you might be reeling at what seems to be a hopeless situation, there are options. With services like business liquidation, you can easily unload extra office furniture and supplies while even getting a cash bonus!

Host a Closing Sale

Much like a garage sale, a closing sale has multiple purposes. First, you will be able to alert the Windermere community that your business is closing, giving them the courtesy of understanding ahead of time instead of trying to call you up two months after you’ve closed looking for your services. Second, you can sell your desks, computer chairs, shelves, filing cabinets, and more to give yourself a little cash padding as you move on to your next adventure.

Donate to a Good Cause

Whether you drop your gently used tables off at Goodwill, or you donate your bookshelves to a library, donating your old office supplies and furniture can be a great way to give back to the Windermere community while helping you clean out your company. Charitable donations can be written off as tax exemptions, and giving to a good cause can boost your esteem as you move on to a new era of your life.

Seek Business Liquidation

Business liquidation services are one of the quickest, easiest, and most lucrative ways to not only clear your business of office furniture but also to make cash from it. With an estate auction company like Orlando Estate Auction, you simply give us a call, and we come to your business and take inventory, haul everything away, and sell it to the highest bidder at our weekly auction. Then you get a check in the mail! The best part is, we do all of the work, and you get the items out of your way right away. It’s a winning situation all around.

Orlando Estate Auction’s Business Liquidation Services

When you are closing your business or have replaced all of your furniture, business liquidation is a stellar way to relieve yourself of the burden of your leftover items. Not only will you get rid of them right away, but you’ll be able to make a profit on them as well, all while going about your day as usual. No interruptions, no haggling, no hauling.

When you are ready for business liquidation in Windermere, give Orlando Estate Auction a call at 407-290-1000.

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3 Ways Antique Dealers Can Get You Exposure

Antique Dealers | Orlando Estate Auction

Whether you’re moving away or just wish to downsize, liquidation can be a complicated DIY process. You know that the items you’d like to sell are valuable, but you may be unsure about how much they are worth. Also, it can be difficult communicating this information to buyers. Hosting garage sales in Orlando and advertising on Craigslist are not reliable sources of income. Plus, they take time and do not promise a return. Antique dealers have the expertise and are a terrific avenue for gaining exposure.

Online Inventory

Some sellers utilize the world wide web to reach buyers. They may have the inventory on their site or use a public domain, like eBay, to reach a wider audience. If they manage the bids, you can focus on the impending move or life’s other demands.

Estate Auctions

Estate auctions are popular amongst sellers because a certain crowd gravitates to these events in Orlando. Your Grandmother’s furniture and Grandfather’s Navy uniform will have a wider audience at an estate auction. Not only will the antique dealers select the optimal starting price, but the bidding can also quickly exceed what you may have imagined! Auctions create a sense of urgency, so your items are likely to sell for more than you would have gotten if you had chosen the price.

Public Galleries

At Orlando Estate, we display your paintings and fine china in our public gallery downtown. That way, locals and visitors alike can view the items over a span of several days. This will:

  • Provide exceptional exposure
  • Gain a wider audience of bidders
  • Likely increase the return on what you’re selling

Our antique dealers pick up the materials and itemize the inventory off-site, so your responsibility is as simple as hiring us! If you have tools, sterling silver, cars, and more that you are ready to sell, we can help you gain the most exposure.

Orlando Estate: Expert Antique Dealers

Are you ready to part with some of your heirlooms or collector’s items? If you have any of the following, consider the profit you could make:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine china and sterling silverware
  • Tools, guns or cars
  • Musical instruments
  • Collectibles and more!

Our staff can identify your potential profit and save you the time and hassle. When you choose to work with our staff in Orlando, you increase exposure and potential profits. Call 407-290-1000 to speak with one of our antique dealers today!

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What You Need to Know About Selling Jewelry

Estate jewelry can be a beautiful, meaningful family heirloom to cherish—but sometimes, it is just not for you or for anyone you know. When the latter is the case, and you are interested in selling jewelry, it is essential to make sure you are getting the best price for your jewels, without wasting your time.

What Are You Willing to Do, or Not Do?

If you have ever seen an ad in the paper or online promising quick cash for your gold and jewels, chances are, you will not be getting the full amount your goods are worth, according to Market Watch. Still, the idea of selling jewelry for a fair price in Orlando can be an intimidating and exhausting thought—and one which you simply aren’t prepared or willing to act upon.

Therefore, participating in an estate auction may be exactly what you need to do in order to sell your family treasures without undervaluing their worth, and without feeling overwhelmed.

Preparing Your Jewelry to Be Sold

Selling Jewelry Orlando

As the saying goes, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” As you are ready to say “goodbye” to your family jewels, someone else is getting ready to welcome them into his or her collection. As a result, if you choose to clean your goods before potential buyers look at them, keep in mind:

  • While ammonia-based cleaning products are often used for jewelry, they can damage certain gems.
  • Never use chlorine to clean gold and gems.
  • Organic gems, like pearl, coral, and amber, should only be wiped clean with a soft cloth.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean hard gems, like diamonds.

Getting the Best Price and Saving Time

Your time is valuable, and so is your jewelry. Why waste or undervalue either?

At the same time, it is important to have options when it comes to selling jewelry or putting it up for auction in Orlando. We give you two main possibilities, both of which allow you to take the back seat as your goods find a new home:

  • Auction: We come to you and collect your items. Then, we sell them to the highest bidder at auction, and ultimately mail you a check within 10 days.
  • Sell: We come to you and determine the value of your goods. Once we agree on a price, we buy your jewelry then and there.

Orlando Estate Auction: The Pros for Selling Jewelry

If you are in the Orlando area, and are interested in selling jewelry for a fair price, without wasting your time, call Orlando Estate Auction  today at 407-290-1000. Our experts specialize in estate auctions, which will help make your experience selling jewelry, both easy and professional from start to finish.

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Sell Your Property and Make a Profit Doing It

If you are looking to sell your property in Sanford, we highly recommend estate auction services. With this simple and surprisingly efficient service, you will receive an invoice bigger than you ever imagined possible. The entire collection of old picture frames, furniture, games, and toys that you have lying around or cluttering your garage can be turned into gold – or, better yet, money! Instead of giving away your precious belongings, or having to throw them in the dumpster, let us help make your move easier while maximizing your profits.

Premium Estate Auction Services

Estate Auction Sanford

Many Sanford residents do not know what benefits come included with an estate auction.  Every establishment you go to will have different policies, but at Orlando Estate Auction we make everything easy. We will send our own highly professional and considerate movers to come to you and move your possessions. They will create an inventory list for you – so that you can keep track of your items – and then prepare them to be show ready. After meticulously packaging the material, making sure to cover every corner, they will carefully move your belongings to our downtown Orlando gallery.

We take our estate auctions seriously in Sanford because we respect your possessions. We want to take away the annoying parts of moving – such as packing your belongings and figuring out how to sell them – so that you can focus on the important stuff. Moreover, we will sell your property for you, allowing you to gain a profit!

Downtown Gallery to Showcase Your Belongings

How do we go about making you a profit from your property? With our estate auction services, our Sanford movers bring your belongings to our gallery. Here they will be on display for hundreds of people to see and bid on. What sets us apart is the air of demand and competition that arises during our weekly showings. Since so many people have arrived, all with the intent of taking some valuable piece home with them, buyers are constantly trying to outbid each other. This maximizes your ability to receive the largest invoice possible.

Orlando Estate Auction – Let Us Make You a Profit

When you choose our estate auction services in Sanford, you choose to get the most money from your property. We have the professionals necessary to safely bring your items to our showroom where they will be presented to hundreds of eager buyers. Call 407-290-1000 to speak with a professional today.

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See How Easily You Can Profit from Antique Furniture

Profit From Antique Furniture

You may be downsizing your home or looking to make some quick money in Orlando. Perhaps you have always enjoyed looking at collector’s items, or you already have a small collection passed on to you from a great aunt. Whatever the case, you can gain green from antique furniture. The staff at Orlando Estate Auction can assist you in this process to make it as pain-free and profitable as possible!

Buy It, Then Refurbish

Do you have a Rococo dining room set that needs a new coat of stain? Or maybe, you suspect that the inexpensive hutch recently posted on Craigslist is an 18th-century piece. You can turn a profit by refurbishing the antique furniture. Giving it an update will improve its appearance and can increase its value.

Be wary of DIY, because preservation is at the heart of refurbishment. If you slap on just any old stain, it may not be in line with the piece’s history or it might even damage the wood. This can compromise your eventual profit, so seek out professionals of the trade in or near Orlando.

Consult Professional Analysts

When you consult with professional antique furniture analysts, you stand the best chance of turning a profit. With their expertise and guidance, you can improve the likelihood of your earnings. Without them, it turns into a big game of guesswork. If you are in the thick of downsizing or moving, this is too much to take on. Research goes far beyond a google search; think of the time and money you could waste if you assume the wrong period or wood type.

Orlando Estate Auction: Antique Furniture Services

Our business specializes in estate auctions. This approach to sales means:

  • Everything gets sold
  • Items sell beyond market value because the price is determined by the attendants
  • You are not inconvenienced in your house, because the action happens off site

Our auctions do not conclude until every item has sold, whether it’s antique furniture or a baseball card collection. We host the event at our downtown gallery in Orlando, so it can span several days without disrupting your home life. This location increases the number of individuals who attend and, thereby, improves the chances of sales. Contact us to begin the process!

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Moving Has Never Been So Easy Thanks To Estate Auction

Estate Auction in SanfordAn estate auction can lead to a drastic improvement in profits for Sanford residents hoping to sell their belongings. Many who try to organize a yard sale independently find they are selling their possessions for significantly less than they are worth. Sellers become discouraged by the amount of effort required to set up the yard sale compared to the meager amount of return, and buyers become increasingly pessimistic about attending these sales because of the time required sifting through unwanted junk. Ultimately, this causes both sellers and buyers to go home empty handed.

Instead of wishing for more people to see and buy the items you have for sale in Sanford, guarantee they sell at one of our estate auctions. We are proud of the impeccable services we provide to aid with:

  • Downsizing
  • Relocating
  • Liquidating
  • Dispersing belongings

Whether you are moving to another city in search of greener pastures or have recently inherited a family member’s property, we provide the knowledge and assistance you need to make this time in your life easier. However, we don’t stop at selling your items; we also want you to make a profit. Together, we will achieve a high turnaround of about ten days, and receive a larger invoice than you thought possible.

Estate Auction: The Way to Ease Your Move

Sanford residents find that our services give them the extra time and energy they need to concentrate on what’s important. If you’re in pursuit of a place to live, searching for another job, or need documents notarized and signed, we want to give you the time to do that while ensuring your belongings get sold. We will move your items and prepare them for display at our downtown Orlando gallery, where hundreds of people will be able to bid on them. Here, we see the significant difference between yard sales and our estate auction services for Sanford individuals.

Orlando Estate – Saving You Time and Energy

Why waste time and energy hoping that people buy your property? Our weekly events present your items the opportunity to be seen by hundreds of people who are earnestly looking to bring something home. This gives your items the best chance at selling at or above market price. Guarantee yourself success with an estate auction, and make a profit doing it, by calling us at 407-290-1000 today. Our stellar downtown gallery gives you the best chance to make the most money – don’t miss out! 

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Business Liquidation: Make Moving Easy

Individuals in Kissimmee looking to make their move faster and easier will find business liquidation services undeniably helpful. Our professionals at Orlando Estate Auction handle your property with extreme care and strive for nothing short of excellent customer satisfaction. We want to take away the stress that comes with countless hours of packing and moving so that you can have more time and energy to focus on the important things. Once our professional movers bring your items to our downtown gallery, they will be on display for hundreds to see and bid on; this gives you the best chance to make the most profit.

Business Liquidation – Your Estate Sale Solution

Business Liquidation Kissimmee

Finding the right business liquidation services in Kissimmee does not have to be burdensome. It is already difficult trying to sell everything in your office, such as dozens of computer and chairs, and boxes of paper and staples. Take away an additional hassle during your transition, and let us handle everything for you.

Our friendly and compassionate specialists will come to your location and relocate the items themselves. We will work with you to create an inventory list of everything you want to sell so you can keep track of what has been sold and at what price. Then, while on-site, we prepare all of your belongings to be sell-ready and carefully organize them in the moving van to be brought to our downtown Orlando gallery. At Orlando Estate, we provide Kissimmee entrepreneurs with the business liquidation solutions they need.

Make a Profit with Auctions

Once at our gallery, all of your items will be put on display during our auctions where hundreds of people will come to see them. The primary benefit of selling your property at an auction is that people attend with the intention of buying something. Regardless of whether they are redecorating their homes or searching for a piece of treasure, the individuals who come want to find something they can take home. This attitude creates an air of demand that allows your stuff to sell at market price or higher. Don’t just sell your items; make a profit by using our business liquidation services in Kissimmee.

Orlando Estate: Making Your Move Better

So, if you want to make your move hassle-free and faster than ever, call Orlando Estate today at 407-290-1000. We’ve got the professionals, knowledge, and customers to ensure everything sells!

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Liquidation Services to Help You Move

Liquidation Services | Sanford | Orlando Estate AuctionSanford is home to one of the best liquidation services around, which means you won’t have to deal with the headache of selling possessions you no longer want. Maybe you’re selling your belongings in search of a fresh, new start, or you are pursuing that career you have always wanted. Maybe you are moving to be closer to family and friends. Or, maybe you have just inherited a family member’s property and don’t know what to do with it. Regardless of your circumstance, we at Orlando Estate Auction are here to help you make your move carefree while making you the most money. Use our Sanford liquidation services so that you can focus on what’s important while we help you make a profit.

Don’t Miss Out On Greater Chances and Opportunities

Garage sales do not have the best reputation and rarely give you a chance to earn what your items are worth. These types of sales are typically thought to contain items that are no longer desirable – such as old VHS tapes, broken toys, unsightly clothing, and other unwanted goods. Due to this notion, many people rarely show up to take a look. This means there is less competition and items will be sold at the buyer’s price. To add to all of this, people may be entering your home without proper supervision – which can be unsettling – and may damage furniture while there. For instance, while moving a piece of furniture, they may scuff the floors, scratch the walls, or damage door frames; all the while leaving you to take care of the repairs.

Professional Liquidation Services

If you’re in Sanford, you can easily take advantage of our liquidation services. We provide you with professional movers to safely bring your items to our downtown gallery. They will work with you to create an inventory list so that you can be sure of where your property is. Our downtown Orlando gallery holds weekly auctions where hundreds of individuals arrive to see what gems they can find. With so much surrounding competition, there is a sense of urgency to purchase your items and, therefore, a greater chance that your items will sell at or above market value. Our Sanford liquidation services can provide you with an invoice you didn’t imagine possible. 

Orlando Estate – We’re Here to Help you Earn More!

Escape from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and worried about how much you will get from your Sanford property. We want to maximize your profits and let you enjoy the extra time and energy you’ll have. Ease your move by making the right move. Call (407) 290-1000 to speak with a liquidation services professional today!