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Join the Minimalism Movement with an Estate Auction

Estate Auction Maybe you’ve been looking around your home with the realization that you have too much stuff. Maybe you heard or read about the craze around the “minimalism movement” and the concept really resonates with you. Maybe you want more space and a little more cash in your pocket.  Whatever the reason, letting go of some of your “stuff” can benefit you greatly. On average, a person owns thousands of trinkets, goods, effects, articles of clothing and things. Clearing away the clutter and the potential to earn a little money from the items sold are just a few of the enticing benefits of the minimalism movement. You can get started today with an estate auction in Sanford. Here are some tips and tricks to clearing away your unneeded possessions and making the most out of a sale.

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

It can be easy to talk yourself out of getting rid of certain possessions because of sentimentality or uncertainty. When sifting through your items to determine what to sell, make sure you ask yourself pointed, direct questions to help you decide what to purge. Questions can include:

  • Does this item bring me joy?
  • Does this item have any practical use?
  • Will I miss this item?
  • Have I used this in the last year?

Chances are, if the item in question is a trinket that has been sitting in your dresser drawer for over a year, you won’t miss it. That treadmill that’s been sitting in your garage, unused for the past twelve months? Chances are you’re not going to use it, and exercise equipment is a hot item that will sell quickly at an estate auction in the Sanford area.

Categorizing Your Inventory

Once you have decided what to purge, it is time to categorize into “sell,” “donate,” and “toss” piles. Items that traditionally do well in sales include furniture, jewelry, antiques, artwork, and electronics. Items you might want to donate include old clothing, kitchenware, and trinkets. Items to toss will include anything broken or unable to be reused.

Once you have categorized everything, it is time to contact the estate auction experts in Sanford.

How We Can Help You with Your Estate Auction

We’re dedicated to serving the Orlando area and our presence in the community is well-known and reputable. We understand the intricacies of the business and can help you get the most money for your items.

Your new minimalist lifestyle is well on its way. Contact Orlando Estate Auction at 407-290-1000 to get started today in Sanford. 

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3 Ways to Tell How Old Your Antique Furniture Is

Antique Furniture 60117355Figuring out the age of your antique furniture is good indicator of its value. Having an idea of its worth will help to ensure you get the highest return possible. However, determining the age of an antique item utilizes a combination of elements rather than one definitive factor, so some degree of detective work is required. If you find the process to be too overwhelming, give Orlando Estate Auction a call and we’ll gladly handle the appraisal and auction for you. In the meantime, here are three helpful hints to guide you along the way.

Determine the Style Period

The overall style of your furniture will give you an idea of what era the piece is from. While it’s a good idea to research each piece separately, there are a few generalities that are universally accepted. For example, English furniture from the fifteenth century routinely includes highlighted floral and animal-based patterns, while furniture from the seventeenth century often feature elaborate engravings and gildings. Antique furniture available at Orlando Estate Auction usually includes pieces from many different eras.

Inspect the Craftsmanship

Upon close inspection, antique furniture typically has some irregularities on its surface. These imperfections indicate that the piece was made by hand, not by machine. Scan every nook and cranny. Look at the bottom, side, and back of a piece. Behind doors and inside its crevices are good places to look for these characteristic irregularities. Sometimes an imprint or etching can be discovered that will either include a date or some sort other sort of indicator that will help you determine an approximate age.

Identify the Materials

Another tool to help you figure out the age of your antique furniture is to take note of the materials the piece is made of. Expert antique collectors check the type of metal, wood and other materials that were applied to a piece to help determine what era it originated from. Anything made before the 1700s is usually made of oak. If it was manufactured after the 1700s then there’s a good chance it was made of either mahogany or walnut because those were popular materials then.

Orlando Estate Auction for Antique Furniture

At Orlando Estate Auction, we are a comprehensive estate liquidation service, meaning we both buy and sell merchandise. If you would prefer to avoid the lengthy process of appraising, transporting, and selling, you can hire us to take care of it for you. Call us today at (407)290-1000 to learn more!

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Two Options for Selling Your Sterling Silver

Selling Sterling Silver OrlandoSterling silver can be tricky to sell, especially if you know little about how it’s valued. Hiring an estate sale professional is essential in this case, and that’s where we come in! Our goal is to provide efficient and ethical service to all our clients. We strive to make estate liquidation easy and profitable, but selling sterling can be problematic in some ways. The most common mistake is improperly valuing your sterling, which can lead to you underselling your items. However, if you go through Orlando Estate Auction, you have two different options available to you.

First Option – Selling Directly to Us

You can sell your sterling silver directly to Orlando Estate Auction. We’ll buy your items outright. One of our professional representatives will come to you, examine your sterling, and then make a reasonable offer on everything you wish to sell. This is the best option for clients who need to sell as quickly as possible. We understand that some people have busy lives and just don’t have the time. If you are in need of quick cash for your unwanted sterling silver, Orlando Estate Auction will facilitate that need in a timely manner.

Second Option – Putting Your Sterling Silver into Our Auction

You can also place your sterling into our weekly auction. This process is a little more involved but can lead to greater returns. The first step is to relocate the items you’d like to auction to our location. Our professional employees will help you move the items. They’re sure to be extra gentle when packing and transporting. After we receive your items, the next step is to get them into tip-top shape before being sold. This entails polishing and buffing any corrosion or damage done to your sterling silver over time.

The final step is the auction itself, which is more beneficial to your profits than simply selling your sterling outright. In a competitive auction setting, you have the chance of selling your possessions for a higher-than-market price, whereas if you sell your sterling outright, you will most likely be offered a price lower than the market price. After the auction, you will receive a comprehensive list of what was sold, and for how much, along with a check.

Orlando Estate Auction Cares

We understand the circumstances around the sale of your sterling silver may be unfortunate, but estate liquidation is a normal part of life. Whether a loved has one passed or you’re making a major move, we provide profitable options when it comes to liquidating assets. If you‘ve found yourself in this situation, contact Orlando Estate Auction at (407) 290-1000 and ask about our auction process today.

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4 Ways to Prepare for Holding an Estate Sale

estate sale 91431339Orlando residents hold estate sales for various reasons. They may be downsizing properties after retirement; they might be relocating to another state, or they simply want to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Whatever the case, the endeavor takes a lot of work. Our professional team has some tips to help you with the process!

Scout Out Estate Sales in Your Area

Before you assume the task, scout out events in and around your area. This will give you an idea of what works well and what to avoid. Poorly designated parking and a lack of promoting can lead to low attendance, and a failure to thoroughly dust can make you less likely to inspect belongings. By making observations and taking notes, you can create a more effective plan for your own estate sale in Orlando. Go a step further and talk with the host to learn about their approach. You might learn that they are not the homeowner, but a professional in liquidation services.

Price Items Clearly

Without a clear indication of a price, you might miss out on profits. You never know which things, however obscure, will garner the attention of someone who attends; so mark every single piece that you are willing to list. Print clearly on stickers so that there is no question about the price you’re requesting.

Inform Your Neighbors Beforehand

As a courtesy, let your neighbors in Orlando know that you are hosting an estate sale at least a week before the event occurs. Not only is this polite, but it also gives them the chance to make plans elsewhere instead of being bombarded by sale-goers unexpectedly. Depending on your relationship with your neighbors, you might even ask if they would permit attendants to park in front of their homes.

Hire Estate Sale Professionals

At Orlando Estate, our team can help you create profits by hosting a successful estate sale. Our team takes on all of the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively) by:

  • Taking inventory and moving items off site
  • Researching item value for optimal pricing
  • Displaying inventory in a gallery downtown
  • Promoting the event for high attendance
  • Managing the auction component of the event

Forget about the inconvenience of hosting the event in your home and let our professionals conduct the auction off site in our downtown gallery. We are experts in liquidation, valuation, and promotion, so your items are more likely to sell with our help. Call 407-290-1000 to learn more!

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How to Sell Unique Furniture

Sell Unique Furniture in Orlando

If you are the owner of unique furniture —that high-heel-shaped chair, an ornate monkey lamp, those seashell side tables— you may be facing some difficulties when it comes to selling them. Because they are so special and different, many potential buyers in Orlando may pass on them. You know they have to be worth something, though, so you are not at the point where you are ready to give them up for donation. Orlando Estate Auction can help, thanks to estate auctions that draw large crowds of people looking for interesting and valuable items.

Selling Unique Furniture at an Auction

When you have decided to sell your unique furniture, you can contact Orlando Estate Auction, and we will help you research the piece or pieces to find out how much they were originally worth and what changes have been made in the value since then. We have seen many a unique item come through our gallery, and we know that determining the value can be difficult. This is especially true if the piece is one-of-a-kind or a custom design. However, we have a good sense of the market and can take certain variables into account to determine how much it should go for at auction. We may ask you questions such as:

  • Where was the piece made?
  • How did you acquire it?
  • When was it made?
  • Have any modifications been made?

Questions like these will help us determine the history of the unique furniture, which, in turn, may influence the selling price in the end.

Making Selling Unique Furniture Easy for You

One of the most dreaded parts of selling unique furniture for most people is the transportation of it after the sale. How are you going to fit that reclaimed driftwood coffee table in your sedan? Are you going to meet with the buyer somewhere, or are they coming to you? Will the transaction be in cash or will they write a check? There are many uncertainties that arise when using sites like eBay or Craigslist to sell items. With a professional company like Orlando Estate Auction, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We handle everything from the pickup, inventory, auction, and money handling. All you have to do is call us, and we’ll pick up your item, transport it to our downtown gallery, sell it to the highest bidder at auction, and mail you a check. It’s that easy!

You can finally clear up some room where that circle bed frame was and sell your unique furniture with Orlando Estate Auction. Get started today by calling us at (407) 290-1000.

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Estate Auction: Everybody Wins

Estate Auction Oviedo

If you have heard about the wonderful treasures that can be found at an estate auction, then you may be interested in attending one for yourself in Oviedo. Whether you are hoping to purchase a unique item or would like to sell that vintage heirloom that has been sitting around for years, Orlando Estate Auction is the place to be!


For sellers, an estate auction is the easiest, most comprehensive and lucrative way to get rid of valuable items that you are done enjoying. Perhaps you have already attempted to list your belongings on a site like Craigslist or in the newspaper. This works perfectly well for some individuals, but more often than not, it ends up being a dead end and a hassle. You don’t know who you’re selling to, where to meet up in Oviedo, how to transport the item, what format to handle the money in… In the end, an estate auction service like ours can eliminate all of these issues.

When you partner with us, we do the hard work for you. Our crew will come out to your home, take inventory of any items you intend on selling, and pack them up safely for transportation. Before we leave, we’ll go over the inventory list with you, making sure that everything is matching up. Then we transport the goods to our gallery where we prepare them for auction.

On the night of events, we will make sure to drum up excitement and set the tone of anticipation. Eager buyers from Orlando and Oviedo line up to examine the treasures we’ve accumulated, and the bidding begins. Rather than selling to the first person that offers (as one would at a garage sale), bidding elevates the sale price and more accurately reflects market value.

After every item is sold, we mail you a check— simple, painless, and lucrative!


If you are interested in buying goods at an estate auction in Oviedo, we offer weekly gatherings where you can bid with the best for truly unique goods. Instead of going to antique or vintage stores, visit one of our events first— often, the antique dealers buy from auctions and turn around and sell the very same items for a high markup. Instead of buying something secondhand, visiting our gallery for yourself will eliminate the over-pricing and over-paying issue entirely.

Orlando Estate Auction - Where Everybody Wins

Whether you are interested in buying or selling goods, we can help. We have assisted thousands of Oviedo area residents with buying and selling gently used, yet ever-so-valuable merchandise and we can help you too. To learn more about our services or to get started for yourself, call us today at (407) 290-1000.

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Selling Artwork: Make Sure You Know its Worth

Selling Artwork Orlando LongwoodSo, you have decided to redecorate and are ready to sell some of the furniture and decorations that no longer match the new theme you have chosen. Some of the paintings, drawings, and pottery you own may have been in your possession for many years. In fact, maybe they were passed down from a family member. You have checked with other family members, but no one will be upset if you get rid of the art, so you decide to name a price and put it up for sale.

The only problem is, you have never gone through the process of selling artwork before. Therefore, you are not sure what the pieces are worth in the Longwood market and beyond. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your sale.

Determine if the Artist is Well-Known

Your first step when it comes to selling artwork will be to determine if the artist who created the piece is a well-known name. On occasion, a well-known artist could be behind the family heirloom that has been passed down. You might not recognize their name, but that does not mean their work is not a commodity in a specific genre or niche. You will want to perform a little online research or consult a well-reputed dealer or appraiser in Longwood to find out.

Determine if the Piece is an Original Work

An original work, especially if produced by a well-known name, is almost always more valuable than a print or reproduction. To the untrained eye, a print and an original will look like one in the same. This is where an appraiser or dealer will be able to help once again. The Longwood area is ripe with candidates who will be able to help you with the valuing process for selling artwork.

Contact a Company Well Versed in Selling Artwork

At Orlando Estate Auction, we pride ourselves in making selling artwork less of a hassle and more of a great experience that you will remember as seamless and easy. We have experts on hand to help you with every step of the process. Do not hesitate to contact us today for assistance in Longwood. You can reach us at 407-290-1000.

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How Estate Liquidation Will Change Your Life

estate liquidationTo classify something as life-changingcan be a pretty big deal, and while you may not have set criteria for the definition, wouldnt something that makes your life easier, makes you money, and relieves you of a significant burden be something youd consider adding to that category? Estate liquidation can do just thathelp you rid yourself of items of value while bringing you extra cash. In Windermere, there are options for getting rid of valuable objects, such as garage sales, but liquidation is a much more effective and successful way that saves you time and energy.

Estate Liquidation 101: Lightening Your Load

Estate liquidation is an excellent method for quickly removing items that take up space in your Windermere home that youd like to profit from. With a service like Orlando Estate Auction, a professional crew will come to you, carefully package up the items and create an inventory, transport them to an auction house or gallery, sell them at a premium, and mail you the check. You dont have to worry about moving the goods yourself, selling them and dealing with bargainers and hagglers like you would at a garage sale, or making sure they arrive at the buyers home safely. Once they are packed up, you no longer have to worry about your items!

Getting the Highest Bid

Valuable items are often sold at estate sales or garage sales in Windermere for the first price offered. This is good for getting rid of things as soon as possible, but if you have an item that is truly of value, you want to get the highest amount possible for it. This is where auctions excel for estate liquidationby creating an exciting atmosphere where bids fly, bidders compete to win the auction, and the price goes up and up, making you more money!

Estate Liquidation with Orlando Estate Auction

When you have a large number of objects or items of value that you are ready to part with, it can be tough to go through the hassle of an estate sale or a garage sale. We know you want to get the highest amount of money for your goods, sp it is time to think about estate liquidation in the form of an auction. With the help of Orlando Estate Auction, we can help clear out your Windermere home of the things you no longer need. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with our expert appraiser, contact us today at (407) 290-1000.

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The Best Methods for Selling Antique Furniture

selling antique furniturePerhaps youve decided that the old vanity that has been sitting in your guest room has gathered enough dust or the hand-carved mahogany bookcase you have in storage is taking up too much space. If you have decided that selling antique furniture in Orlando is the best option for you, you are likely considering all of the different methods of sale from which there are to choose. Of course, you wish to get the most for your items, and you likely want to list them for sale in as painless a way as possible. Consider the following ways to get the most bang for your buck!

eBay or Craigslist

The go-to option for many individuals is to turn to online auction or sales sites like eBay or Craigslist for selling antique furniture. The problem with this method is transportationif you list something online, shipping costs factor in, which can turn those away who might otherwise be interested in purchasing your items. If you succeed in finding a buyer for an item on a site like Craigslist, you then either have to have a stranger come to your home or transport the item to a neutral location in Orlando so that they can pick it up. This is an inconvenience at best and somewhat unsafe otherwise.

Host an Estate Sale

More advanced and comprehensive than a garage sale, an estate sale is a common method of selling antique furniture for many Orlando residents. The setup is the same: you prepare your home (estate) for shoppers to come to and peruse for items they are interested in purchasing. Then, either they offer a price theyre willing to pay, or you establish how much money you want from the buyer. There may be some bargaining, so be prepared for that.

Find Success at an Estate Auction

Estate auctions are the preferred choice of selling antique furniture for those that understand what they entail. Very different from an estate sale, the auctions are much more convenient for the seller. With our help, we will come to your home, take inventory, pack everything you want to put up for sale, transport it to our downtown Orlando gallery, and prepare it for auction. There, it will go to the highest bidder, and thanks to the auction atmosphere, chances are it will go for a higher price than simply setting it out at a garage or estate sale. You get the item out of your hair, and we simply mail you the check once it has sold. Its a win-win situation!

Sell Your Antique Furniture with Orlando Estate Auction

When you decide its time to list that vintage grandfather clock or the Civil War-era dining room set, contact the professionals at Orlando Estate Auction. We have years of experience helping clients get the most money from selling their antique furniture, and we can help you too. For additional information, contact us today for a quote!

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Try These 4 Tips Used by Estate Sale Companies to Make the Best of Your Sale

Estate Sale company | OrlandoNearly everyone is faced with selling the possessions of a loved one that has either passed or moved on to a smaller living space. Selling off the property of a loved one can be emotional and overwhelming, but following a few simple parameters can ease the stress.

When gearing up for selling a family member’s possessions, keep these four guidelines in mind, and don’t hesitate to bring in a professional estate sale company in Orlando to help.

Bring the Family in on the Discussion

Oftentimes, family members will want to keep a physical token as a memento. It’s important to make sure family members have the opportunity to choose these items before the sale begins. That way, you can avoid animosity later. Sometimes, holding a meeting well before the thought of hiring an estate sale company can ease the process.

Determine Which Items Might Have Value

Since family members can accumulate many possessions over a lifetime, it’s important to establish which items have value. These are the pieces you will want to focus on. Sometimes, it’s not easy to tell which items hold value, and you might benefit from bringing in a professional. Experts can help you determine the difference between an antique and a replica or a first edition novel and a reprint. In Orlando, the value of some items might be different from other areas. You might consider hiring an estate sale company to assist with determining the value of items.

Choose the Best Place to Sell the Items

A garage sale-style open house might not be the best place to sell your family member’s items. Some items will sell better online or in a consignment shop. Doing research prior to the event can help you determine which items should be sold off beforehand in a different venue. Books, for instance, unless they are rare and valuable, might sell better online. Clothes with value could fare well in a consignment shop, while generic pieces can be donated. The Orlando area is ripe with consignment shops and donation centers that are happy to have these items.

Know When to Hire an Estate Sale Company

Sometimes, the thought of being in charge of selling a loved one’s possessions can be overwhelming. If the estate is large or if emotions are too strong, hiring an estate sale company might be the answer. Establishments like ours have years of experience in the industry and can help you take the guesswork out of determining which valuables to sell off.

If you find the process too overwhelming, give Orlando Estate Auction a call at 407-290-1000. We are standing by and happy to help you with this process.