Estate Auction | Conway | Orlando Estate AuctionWhile many people put a garage sale and an estate auction in the same category, they are very different. It is true that they share a similar goal — the selling of used goods — but that is largely where the similarities end. Garage sales are often not worth the hassle they bring, while an auction can be highly lucrative, not to mention simple. Learn more about why you should skip the yard sale in Conway.

1. Estate Auction Requires No Effort on Your Part

With an estate auction, our company will do all of the hard work for you. This includes the physical labor involved with moving and relocating large items like furniture, as well as fragile items like antique vases or paintings. As a part of your service, we will come to your house and inventory everything you wish to sell in Conway. We also transport it safely to our Downtown Orlando gallery to prepare it for sale.

2. Garage Sales Invade Privacy

Garage sales require you to set up shop either in your garage, driveway, or in your yard in Conway. You may even be hosting an estate sale, but even then, you will have strangers entering your house. To some, this may feel like people are invading your property, making for an uncomfortable situation. By having people come to you, you also miss out on a lot of buying action. Instead, an estate auction takes place in a neutral third party location. We bring buyers together, which is more lucrative (and a lot more private) for you.

3. Estate Auction Brings More Money

With an estate auction, the atmosphere of bidding and raising the stakes creates a sense of urgency and adrenaline in buyers. This causes the selling amount to go up, up, and away. People flock from all over Orlando and Conway to see what treasures they may find at our weekly events, and we have seen prices skyrocket in short periods of time. Also, with a garage sale, it is first-come, first-serve in terms of prices and offers. If someone comes along at 10 a.m. and offers you $5 for a lamp, you may miss out on someone coming along later who may have offered you $20 for it. We bring all the buyers together at once, leaving you with the highest bid.

Call Orlando Estate Action Today!

If you are interested in selling your gently used yet valuable items for the highest price, contact Orlando Estate Auction. We will come to your home in Conway and prepare everything so that you don’t have to lift a finger. All that you have to do is wait for your check to arrive in the mail. To learn more about our process, call us today at (407) 290-1000.

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Antiques Dealer | Orlando | Orlando Estate AuctionUsually, when you team up with an antiques dealer, you have to bring the items to their storefront for review. Though this approach is traditional, your efforts might seem tedious. However interested in your belongings the owner may be, they might pass on yours if they already have several like it. Even if you find a shopkeeper in Orlando to work with, how do you know you’re making the best deal? If you don’t know much about the products themselves, you might accept an offer for a lot less than the owner will sell them for. Don’t risk missing out on profits. Instead, consider the benefits of an estate auction.

What Is An Estate Auction?

Auctions are an appealing alternative to yard sales or estate sale because the antiques dealer at Orlando Estate handles everything from pickup to pricing to promotion. You can pass off the responsibility of conducting research, creating listings, and scouring eBay to figure out what your set of sterling silver flatware is worth. Not only that, but we host the event over the course of several days in an art gallery Downtown. This saves you the headache of setting things up and sitting inside while people amble through your personal living space.

Perks of Hosting an Estate Auction

We’ve already touched on the perks of hiring Orlando Estate to manage your event— an expert antiques dealer itemizes and prices your belongings and takes care of setup and teardown, as well as advertising. By choosing our company, you gain additional exposure because regular buyers stop at the art gallery often, and our Downtown location invites tourists to step in and take a look around. The competitive environment of an estate auction invites bidding and increased profits, so trade in your yard sale plans for a consultation with our staff!

Choose Orlando Estate’s Antiques Dealer

Don’t settle for a traditional shopkeeper— up your profits in a competitive environment, and let our staff in Orlando manage your event or company liquidation. We handle it all, so you don’t have to do a thing but call us for a consultation:

  • Removing items from your property
  • Research and pricing
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Setup/hosting/teardown
  • Auctioneering

If this sounds like a good fit for you, don’t hold back. We can answer your questions about the estate auction process. If there’s more you want to discuss, call 407-290-1000 to speak with our antiques dealer. 

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 21:28

Get Cash Now: Sell Antique Paintings

Sell Antique Paintings | Orlando Estate AuctionIt is not an easy decision to sell antique paintings. If you have ever been to an older relative’s place, or perhaps a more affluent friend’s home in Orlando and saw their hand-painted Morris Katz hanging on the wall, it was probably breath taking. And, deep down, you really wanted to know how much it was worth. Well, the day has come and you are now in possession of some of these artifacts. Now you are left wondering, “Should I part with this?” The answer is yes, if you want to beef up that investment portfolio, or perhaps take the family on vacation. Here is why it will not break your heart to part with these items.

Make Space for Something Else

Do not be ashamed, many Orlando residents have stuff piling up they are not using yet cannot part with due to sentimentality. This is also compounded when said stuff is actually worth a pretty penny. Imagine what that space in the garage or shed could be transformed into. When you sell antique paintings to free up some space, you will thank yourself later for the breathing room.

Get Cash Now When You Sell Antique Paintings

What if someone told you that bit of painted fabric hanging on your wall was worth seven thousand dollars? When you sell antique paintings, you are transforming an object you do not really need into liquid capital — immediately — that can be used to better your life. Orlando is a major metropolitan area, so why not start looking for a buyer today?

Go with an Auction Company If You Do Not Know What They Are Worth

If you have made the wise decision to sell antique paintings, you may be ready to start pulling in the earnings. Unfortunately, there is one last hurdle: how? Sure, you could try online bidding, but there are all kinds of miscellaneous fees and shipping costs that you have to deal with. Unfortunately, these all eat into your profits. Also, do you know if the item has been accurately appraised? In Orlando, numerous auction companies want your pieces, and they are incentivized to sell quickly for the highest amount so their commission is maximized. It is pretty win-win all around — you get the most for the piece, it is appraised correctly, and processed quickly.

Orlando Estate Auction: Sell Antique Paintings the Right Way

Those old tapestries and painted frames are worth a lot of money to the right people. Orlando Estate Auction has the experience and ability to leverage the most when we sell antique paintings. If you are looking to offload yours today, give us a call for an appraisal at (407) 290-1000.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 20:45

5 Places for Selling Fine China

Selling Fine China | Orlando Estate AuctionSelling fine china is a profitable prospect, but the task itself can be tedious. Not only do you need to determine the quality of your dishes, but you will want to promote them to yield the greatest profit. Research is beneficial for pricing information, as well as identifying whether or not your materials are considered antique or vintage. You might be oblivious to the value of the earthenware that a neighbor gave you before they moved away from Orlando, or you may have a clear outlook on how much you can make from the set of Colclough bone you found in your great grandmother’s attic. No matter your knowledge, our team has some tips!

1. List Items on Social Media

Instead of reaching to the far ends of the Earth to make sales, start locally. By posting items on your social media accounts, you can garner interest in the Orlando area. If someone wants the set, you don't have to deal with the precarious nature of shipping these antiquated items, and you won't have to pay for advertisement. While this approach to selling fine china is relatively easy and convenient, you might not get a wide spread of offers.

2. Make Sales Online

To go beyond your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds, look to Craigslist or eBay. These sites offer local and national attention, and the competitive arena of eBay can incite higher offers. Not everyone wants to put in the work of creating an account, photographing items, and managing shipping responsibilities. Keep this in mind before selecting this approach.

3. Host a Garage Sale

If you feel less than tech-savvy, you might opt to host a garage sale in your Orlando neighborhood. This gives you the opportunity to put other items out as well, whether you wish to downsize or want to reclaim your 2-car garage. We encourage individuals who are selling fine china to conduct research before hosting the event. This will keep you from accepting low offers from more knowledgeable antique hunters.

4. Locate a Specialty Shop

Another option is locating a specialty shop near Orlando. While these are few and far between, those in operation are an excellent platform for those selling fine china because shoppers have a specific purpose when they go there. Shop owners know their regular patrons, and if someone brings in a porcelain set made by Spode, an interested party will get a call from the owner of the store.

5. Selling Fine China? Call Orlando Estate Auction!

For those in Orlando who want to pass off the responsibility of selling fine china, contact our team! Not only will we conduct inventory procedures, but we research pricing and remove items from your estate to host the sale off site. Beyond all of these tasks, we set up an auction that spans several days in a downtown art gallery. This approach allows for competitive bidding, as well as maximum exposure. Locals who frequent our events stop by on a regular basis and passers-by might come in to browse and end up making a bid. Instead of navigating online sales, hosting local events, or choosing an antique shop to work with, pick Orlando Estate Auction! Just call our team at 407-290-1000 if you’re selling fine china.

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Monday, 26 December 2016 15:27

8 Perks of Professional Estate Sale Services

Professional Estate Sale Services | Orlando Estate AuctionA lot of people in Orlando choose to DIY when it comes to downsizing or liquidating, but there are a number of perks to choosing professional estate sale services. You might think that we say this only because we offer them, but you'll find that our input and expertise on antiques can make your experience a breeze!

1. Inventory

When you prepare independently, it’s best to keep a detailed inventory. Otherwise, tracking what you wish to sell and what you want to keep can get confusing. The more family members you have, the more challenging this can be. Our estate sale services team will stand beside you for every step of the inventory process, ensuring that the final list matches yours. Too many people lose belongings that they didn't intend to because a family member who was assisting with the event didn't know it wasn't for purchase. We only mark what you want us to.

2. Research and Pricing

Identifying what you want to part with is one thing, but research and pricing are an entirely different task. If you don't have knowledge of antiques or average expenses for everyday things, you could shoot too low or mark items too high. This will have an effect on overall marketability, so make sure you conduct this step thoroughly to maximize profits. This is one of the most helpful estate sale services we offer because we conduct research and have knowledge about antiques that you may not. Make sure you get the most out of your Orlando event by hiring the professionals!

3. Transport

Independent hosts often hold the event on their property. Not only does this take a lot of time and energy, but it is also inconvenient to have strangers traipsing through your home for an entire weekend. Closed doors mean little to nosey sale goers, and it's hard to keep your eyes on every room at all times. Our estate sale services staff will take the inventory out of your house and to the off-site location to prepare for setup. 

4. Advertising

Advertising can get expensive quickly, and free platforms like Facebook and Craigslist do not always reach a wide audience. To increase the number of potential buyers, we handle advertising for you by making your items available for multiple days at an art gallery in downtown Orlando.

5. Set up

We also handle set up for the event, which involves creating displays and making every item visible to attendants. Your bookshelves and tabletops can get crowded, and someone might overlook your great aunt’s antique jewelry or your grandfather's pocketknife collection. Let us use our estate sale services to help you prepare in the Orlando area.

6. Auctioneering

Instead of laying out your items for perusal, we host an auction. That way, there is an air of competition, which usually results in maximum profits. If you were to try to host this type of event on your own, you would have to hire the auctioneer yourself. With us, it is included in the price!

7. Cleanup

Afterward, all you have to do is wait for a check in the mail. We conduct cleanup, and you do not have to worry about leftover items, because we make sure that we sell everything. Since we host the auction at our private gallery, we are responsible for cleaning up when all is said and done.

Choose Orlando Auction for Estate Sale Services!

Our company can assist Orlando residents from start to finish with every component of estate sale services and auctions. With our help, you won’t have to deal with unruly customers or placing ads in the local paper. Instead, you can pass the responsibility to professionals and relish in the extra income you make afterward! We can offer input on antique belongings like:

  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Paintings
  • China
  • And more!

Beyond our expertise in antiques, our team specializes in auctions and estate sale services in Orlando. Call 407-290-1000 to discuss your plans!

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Is Estate Liquidation For You?

estate liquidationIf you need to empty a building or residence quickly, estate liquidation could be the best option for reaching your aim. However, some homeowners and CEOs in Williamsburg aren’t privy to this procedure, so they miss out on all of the benefits it contains. More often, people are familiar with sales— all you have to do is drive down the street to see a sign or two stating that one is being held in a nearby neighborhood. While the concept may be more familiar, that doesn’t mean it’s the most beneficial choice for your business or residence. With inside knowledge of the industry, we can help you identify if estate liquidation is for you.  

Quick Method for Clearing out Belongings

Whether you’re choosing to move or are relocating due to unfortunate circumstances, it’s usually best to wrap up matters swiftly. This can be especially complicated in the face of a family tragedy, like an unexpected death, or setbacks in your business. Hosting a sale is an effective method of emptying a building of its contents, but your schedule or emotional capacity may be stilted. When emotions are strained, who has the energy to go through all of their loved one’s belongings? It could be too painful for Williamsburg families, and if you have to move your business quickly, you may not be around to tie up loose ends after you leave. When you opt for estate liquidation, someone else removes all of the belongings from the property, so you don’t have to manage that stressful task.   

A Third Party is Responsible

Not only is the residence emptied in a single act, but it is handled by a separate party. When someone else conducts procedures in Williamsburg, you can focus on what’s ahead. This might be setting up your new business, managing divorce proceedings, or handling funeral arrangements, all of which are physically and emotionally exhausting. By hiring professionals, you can pass over responsibilities to them and receive the payback when they’re done.

Exposure in an Auction Setting

It takes a lot of time, advertising, and resources to garner attendance at any event in Williamsburg, so it’s no surprise that people shy away from sales in their home. Not only will we manage all aspects of estate liquidation, but we will also conduct the auction. Our set-up in a downtown Orlando gallery makes it easier to accommodate large groups and hold the event over several days. This maximizes your exposure, and the auction approach inspires friendly competition amongst buyers, which increases your profits. 

Orlando Estate for Estate Liquidation Services

Whether the circumstances prompting your move are welcome or not, letting professionals take inventory, remove, andsell your belongings is the quickest and most convenient route to take. You might own a business, a condo, or a double-wide— whatever the setting in Williamsburg, we can assist you! Our approach to estate liquidation is targeted and effective, so you get the most out of your investment. Call us at 407-209-1000 to schedule a consultation or to ask questions!

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3 Important Reminders During an Estate Sale

If you’re considering hosting an estate sale, there are a lot of responsibilities in store. Advertising early on in Sanford, as well as purging unsalable items and pricing research are just a few of the duties involved. With so many tasks upfront, you want to make sure that you ensure a successful sale. After all, you don’t want your efforts to be for nothing! As professional auction planners, we have some tips for you.

1. Get a Head Start

The more time you have to prepare in Seminole County, the better. Pricing each item will take extensive attention, and deciding what to sell might take even longer. Some material items can have emotional meaning to their owner, making it difficult to part with seemingly basic belongings. By starting early, you have ample time for this process. For setting up an estate sale, we suggest that individuals start by:

  • Identifying the items you definitely want to keep
  • Packing them up to avoid accidental transactions
  • Selecting materials that are appropriate for donation
  • Scheduling a trip to the donation center in Sanford
  • Conducting an inventory of what’s left

Separating what you’d like to hold onto from what isn’t fit for purchase gives you an idea of what is salable. When you drop off donations, you create space in your house. This helps your buyers by making the crock-pot, curio cabinet, and Precious Moments collection more visible. These steps often take more time than expected, and you may have to repeat certain ones. For this reason, we suggest a head start.

estate sale company


2. Put Away Anything You Want to Keep

We mentioned this in the first tip, but we are going to repeat it because it is that important. Too many estate sale hosts leave something out or within reach of buyers. If you have family or friends helping out in Sanford, they may sell it without checking with you first. Don’t risk an unnecessary loss. Instead, pack the items you’d like to hold onto so you can guarantee that they stay with you.

3. Hire Estate Sale Professionals

When you choose professional estate sale auction services, you will increase your profit margin. While it might seem like an added expense to hire planners, you need to consider how the staff at Orlando Estate can assist you. We take care of everything, from:

  • Picking up the items you wish to sell
  • Setting up the auction at our gallery downtown
  • Researching and pricing belongings for maximum profit
  • Advertising tirelessly in and around Sanford
  • Hosting a multi-day event

With us, you avoid the hassle of pricing your uncle’s coin collection and hosting the event in your home. Not everyone in Sanford has the time, skill or energy to host such an occasion. If you want to maximize your profits without the stress of hosting an estate sale, call us at 407-290-1000 to learn more about our liquidation and auction services.

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Estate Sale company | OrlandoNearly everyone is faced with selling the possessions of a loved one that has either passed or moved on to a smaller living space. Selling off the property of a loved one can be emotional and overwhelming, but following a few simple parameters can ease the stress.

When gearing up for selling a family member’s possessions, keep these four guidelines in mind, and don’t hesitate to bring in a professional estate sale company in Orlando to help.

Bring the Family in on the Discussion

Oftentimes, family members will want to keep a physical token as a memento. It’s important to make sure family members have the opportunity to choose these items before the sale begins. That way, you can avoid animosity later. Sometimes, holding a meeting well before the thought of hiring an estate sale company can ease the process.

Determine Which Items Might Have Value

Since family members can accumulate many possessions over a lifetime, it’s important to establish which items have value. These are the pieces you will want to focus on. Sometimes, it’s not easy to tell which items hold value, and you might benefit from bringing in a professional. Experts can help you determine the difference between an antique and a replica or a first edition novel and a reprint. In Orlando, the value of some items might be different from other areas. You might consider hiring an estate sale company to assist with determining the value of items.

Choose the Best Place to Sell the Items

A garage sale-style open house might not be the best place to sell your family member’s items. Some items will sell better online or in a consignment shop. Doing research prior to the event can help you determine which items should be sold off beforehand in a different venue. Books, for instance, unless they are rare and valuable, might sell better online. Clothes with value could fare well in a consignment shop, while generic pieces can be donated. The Orlando area is ripe with consignment shops and donation centers that are happy to have these items.

Know When to Hire an Estate Sale Company

Sometimes, the thought of being in charge of selling a loved one’s possessions can be overwhelming. If the estate is large or if emotions are too strong, hiring an estate sale company might be the answer. Establishments like ours have years of experience in the industry and can help you take the guesswork out of determining which valuables to sell off.

If you find the process too overwhelming, give Orlando Estate Auction a call at 407-290-1000. We are standing by and happy to help you with this process.

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Estate jewelry can be a beautiful, meaningful family heirloom to cherish—but sometimes, it is just not for you or for anyone you know. When the latter is the case, and you are interested in selling jewelry, it is essential to make sure you are getting the best price for your jewels, without wasting your time.

What Are You Willing to Do, or Not Do?

If you have ever seen an ad in the paper or online promising quick cash for your gold and jewels, chances are, you will not be getting the full amount your goods are worth, according to Market Watch. Still, the idea of selling jewelry for a fair price in Orlando can be an intimidating and exhausting thought—and one which you simply aren’t prepared or willing to act upon.

Therefore, participating in an estate auction may be exactly what you need to do in order to sell your family treasures without undervaluing their worth, and without feeling overwhelmed.

Preparing Your Jewelry to Be Sold

Selling Jewelry Orlando

As the saying goes, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” As you are ready to say “goodbye” to your family jewels, someone else is getting ready to welcome them into his or her collection. As a result, if you choose to clean your goods before potential buyers look at them, keep in mind:

  • While ammonia-based cleaning products are often used for jewelry, they can damage certain gems.
  • Never use chlorine to clean gold and gems.
  • Organic gems, like pearl, coral, and amber, should only be wiped clean with a soft cloth.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean hard gems, like diamonds.

Getting the Best Price and Saving Time

Your time is valuable, and so is your jewelry. Why waste or undervalue either?

At the same time, it is important to have options when it comes to selling jewelry or putting it up for auction in Orlando. We give you two main possibilities, both of which allow you to take the back seat as your goods find a new home:

  • Auction: We come to you and collect your items. Then, we sell them to the highest bidder at auction, and ultimately mail you a check within 10 days.
  • Sell: We come to you and determine the value of your goods. Once we agree on a price, we buy your jewelry then and there.

Orlando Estate Auction: The Pros for Selling Jewelry

If you are in the Orlando area, and are interested in selling jewelry for a fair price, without wasting your time, call Orlando Estate Auction  today at 407-290-1000. Our experts specialize in estate auctions, which will help make your experience selling jewelry, both easy and professional from start to finish.

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