Company Liquidation Auction | St Cloud | Orlando Estate AuctionIf you’re in the St. Cloud area, you may want to consider stopping by an estate auction. Specializing in company liquidation and other estate services, Orlando Estate Auction buys and sells items from personal estates and companies. Orlando Estate Auction, which serves the Orlando and St. Cloud areas, can help you with everything from packing and moving the contents of an old house to preparing each item for sale.

Company Liquidation: Perfect for Downsizing, Relocating, Moving, and More

For businesses in the process of closing, downsizing, or moving, company liquidation provides a chance to sell items quickly. Orlando Estate Auction can make the transition much smoother by transporting the items and taking inventory to determine their value. Our crew will organize, schedule, and facilitate the auction. Doing so ensures a smooth process for everyone involved.

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business, and we treat each estate with the utmost care. Items sold in an estate auction have a better chance of being sold than items in an estate sale. All auctions are held in downtown Orlando, and last for just one day. This provides easy access to those traveling from St. Cloud and other areas, and inspires buyers to move quickly so that they won’t miss out.

Selling at Orlando Estate Auction

For sellers, Orlando Estate Auction allows for hassle-free transactions. The sale of all belongings is handled with professionalism. For buyers, company liquidation auctions offer an opportunity to purchase items at reasonable prices. Auctions also allow buyers to browse through items to determine what they might like to bid on. This format gives bidders the power to control the outcome of the auction. Some of the items found at an auction include office furniture such as tables, desks, chairs, and cabinets.

Buying at Orlando Estate Auction

Instead of purchasing items through a garage sale, Orlando Estate Auction gives people a chance to buy high-quality merchandise. This ensures that you won’t be bidding on unwanted or useless items. These sales can be mutually beneficial by providing the liquidated business with some cash while allowing those starting out on new business ventures to obtain top-of-the-line items at a lower cost.

Contact Orlando Estate Auction for Company Liquidation

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you may just find the deal of your dreams at a company liquidation auction. Orlando Estate Auction is proud to serve Orlando, St. Cloud, and other surrounding areas.

For more information on company liquidation and other services in St. Cloud, contact Orlando Estate Auction today at (407) 290-1000.

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Monday, 09 January 2017 20:25

What to Expect from Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation | Hunters Creek | Orlando Estate AuctionCompany liquidation is a period of time that can be scary for some business owners in Hunters Creek. If it is your first time going through the process, there can be many tricky turns, pitfalls, and not to mention people out to make a buck off your hardship. But liquidating does not have to be all bad. By knowing the different types and by going with a reputable estate management group, you can come out ahead, and move onto your next big project, stress-free!

Wait, Company Liquidation Can Be Voluntary?

Yes, it is true that company liquidation has a negative connotation around it. Most people only think of it as a “gone bankrupt” kind of sale. However, that is not exactly true. While a group may be forced to sell off their assets to pay debts, it is sometimes wise to begin the process voluntarily. If a Hunters Creek enterprise cannot remediate its burdens through more traditional administrative approaches, they may want to convert products and supplies into cold, hard cash. By doing this, either through a third-party estate management group or by themselves, it may, in fact, save the business!

Liquidating when it is Less-Than Voluntary

Compulsory company liquidation is the term the average layperson is more familiar with — they see it all the time in these tough economic times. “Going out of business sale” or “everything must go!” That, however, is not the whole story, as it paints the situation in a negative light. There are many reasons why a big corporate chain or a Hunters Creek mom and pop shop might resort to compulsory liquidation:

  • Pay off back taxes due (to the state or IRS)
  • Not enough employees to justify a store being open
  • Not enough sales in a location
  • Not complying with statutory obligations
  • Debts outweigh assets

As you can see, liquidating does not always mean that they ran their business wrong. Rather, it is the first step towards remediation and closure — towards a brighter tomorrow and new projects.

Go with a Service That Specializes in Liquidating

A small Hunters Creek mom and pop shop may choose to sell off their assets solo, but even if you’re not a megacorp, it is really recommended you go with an estate group that specializes in company liquidation. The reasons why are severalfold: first, it is much easier. If you are dealing with the stress of bills or having the taxman after you, the last thing you want to deal with is managing this process. Instead, use those leadership skills and delegate. Another useful reason is that these businesses make money off percentages. They are financially motivated to squeeze every last dollar out of every good, because that is a dollar they collect a humble percentage on. A third reason is that these groups are often central hubs, such as Orlando Estate Auction. They have people coming to them, which means they have literal as well as digital foot traffic, so there is a demand for your trades goods.

Orlando Estate Auction: Your Leading Liquidators

Whether you are someone casually looking at company liquidation or an owner who need it, hopefully you can see the benefits of going with a group. They’re faster, motivated to increase your earnings, and have literal bodies of people coming to them wanting products. If you are in need of this service in the Hunters Creek area, give Orlando Estate Auction a call at (407) 290-1000 today!

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estate liquidation Company liquidation is something that many businesses in Conway have had to consider. Whether you are moving to a new location, need to to refurbish the interior with new furniture and supplies completely, or you are shutting down, you will need to figure out what to do with the old items. Often, most businesses elect to donate their old shelving, chairs, and desks in order to rid them of the burden. However, if you need or want to earn some cash from the situation, then selling the items is the best method to pursue. Instead of hosting a yard sale or posting in the classifieds, Orlando Estate Auction can make your liquidation as easy as can be and highly profitable!

We Come to You

Many of our clients in Conway relish in the fact that we come to you, rather than the other way around. Instead of setting up a yard or estate sale and having strangers trample all over your property, our professionals will come to your location, carefully gather all the items you wish to sell, take inventory, and ship them off to our luxurious gallery in Downtown Orlando.

We Do the Hard Work

Selling, negotiating, and bargaining are all necessary experiences when it comes to company liquidation, but most people do not look forward to such matters. When you work with Orlando Estate, we do the hard work of selling and auctioning off the items for you. Many clients like attending our auctions just to get a feel for the atmosphere and to see in person just how much their items go for, but just as many prefer to sit back, unwind, and let us handle everything while they rest in the comfort of their own home.

You Receive a Check

If you need to remove items and goods from your property quickly, you may be moving, relocating, or trying to bring in some cash. Our process has a short turnaround timebecause we host auctions every weekend, you will usually receive your check within ten days. In just ten days, you could be on your way to the bank with a check that reflects the competitive atmosphere of our auction gallery. When you need money, we are your go-to source for company liquidation in Conway!

Get Your Company Liquidation Done Right with Orlando Estate Auction

Closing a business or relocating can be a very stressful time that is fraught with a barrage of expenses (both expected and unexpected). Most businesses choose to use company liquidation services in order to maximize their profits and make the most out of anything they have to offer. Orlando Estates auctions are high-energy events where the spirit of competition drives up the bids, leading you to a bigger check at the end of the day. If you are in Conway and need to make some cash, call us today at (407) 290-1000.

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Is Company Liquidation the Answer?

Is Company Liquidation the Answer?Opening a business brings a sense of great accomplishment and pride, but sometimes, these establishments see financial hardships they can’t climb out of and are forced to close. Dealing with the many issues associated with the closing of a business can be overwhelming and emotional. Figuring out what to do about employees, outstanding debts and the contents of a physical office takes up much time and energy. Company liquidation can help relieve the burden of extra office furniture and furnishings quickly while providing you with some cash flow.

Worrying about what to do with the contents of your office should be the last thing on your mind during this difficult time. Going through a St. Cloud company liquidation often means quickly and efficiently ridding your business of its physical contents—the desks, chairs, filing cabinets and more. Though this might seem like a trivial area to focus on during such a trying time, hiring an estate auction service to help you clear away and sell these contents could ease some of your financial woes.

Quick and Efficient

One of the benefits of having a large, all-encompassing purge of the business’s physical possessions is how quickly the process can be completed. Bringing in established professionals in St. Cloud who are well versed in handling company liquidations can make getting rid of the office leftovers a painless process.

A Way to Bring in Some Money

The financial burden of a closing business can be one of the most motivating reasons to sell off the office items that are no longer needed. When this selling off is done in an efficient manner, it can mean bringing a little money back into your hands. If you have debts to pay off or are burdened financially, this can ease some of that burden. Though it may be a hard decision, when you opt for company liquidation in St. Cloud, you are on your way to lessening the financial strain of the situation.

Finding the Right Company Liquidation Service

The emotional burden of ridding your office of its contents can be pretty tasking. When you hire a company to assist you with this process, the burden becomes a little less. With Orlando Estate Auction, you will have access to a supportive, empathetic staff with the experience you are looking for. We know the St. Cloud area well and have the resources you need for complete company liquidation. Contact Orlando Estate Auction today at 407-290-1000 so we can help you through this difficult time.

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Company Liquidation

Taking a step towards company liquidation is an important move if you want to turn some of your belongings into cash. St. Cloud businesses often collect old hardware, furniture, and materials that may turn out to be of more value than expected. Many companies also decide to liquidate because they want to make use of their holdings in stocks and bonds. No matter the reason, there is one important thing you need to know when approaching company liquidation:

Everything Is Worth Something

Whether it is as high as you wish it to be or not, almost every item is worth at least something. When you explore company liquidation in St. Cloud, keep in mind that there could easily be hidden gems that have sat, unused for many years in your business. Underneath a stack of old client files, you may happen to find some old closed-end funds that are actually worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Maybe you upgraded your mechanic shop to a new garage, and in the cabinet no one ever used, there’s a wrench that turns out to be a hundred-year-old Crescent wrench worth hundreds of dollars. Even if something in your building sells for five dollars, that is five dollars you didn’t have before, and those add up quickly.

Consult a Professional

It is very difficult for the untrained eye to notice when there is an item that is high in value. In 2013, a simple bowl sold at a garage sale for $3. It turns out the bowl was over one thousand years old, from China. That bowl, though it could have been mistaken for a simple cereal bowl, ended up selling at auction for 2 million dollars. With the help of an estate auction professional, you can identify random items of worth during your company liquidation, and may be able to bring in a lot of money to help boost business in St. Cloud.

For Company Liquidation, Call Orlando Estate Auction

Orlando Estate Auction has been assisting clients all around Central Florida and St. Cloud with their company liquidation services for years. We’ve seen businesses uncover highly valuable goods that sell for a premium when we take them to auction and plenty others that end up making a fair amount while achieving the goal of simply getting rid of “stuff.”  Whether your company is looking to downsize, you are looking at moving to a new house, or you just want to reduce the number of personal belongings you have, contact us to help you turn your unused object into money. For more information, call today at (407) 290-1000.

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Company Liquidation: Professional VS. DIY

At Orlando Estate in Oviedo, we know the ins and outs of company liquidation. Whether you need to sell corporation vehicles or a commercial lease, we recognize how to help you best. Many owners are tempted to take this on in an effort to save money, but this choice comes at a cost.

Professional Help

At Orlando Estate, we offer the complete company liquidation package. Our experience and knowledge of the industry leads to more revenue for you. We limit overhead expenses by organizing an auction in a short amount of time because we know how and where to advertise in Oviedo. Hiring us allows you to reduce stress and focus on other pressing business matters.

DIY Liquidation

Liquidating a business with significant assets is easier said than done. There is a lot of work involved, such as:

• Taking inventory in Oviedo
• Recognizing what you can sell
• Advertising
• Selling or auctioning

For some, DIY may seem like your only option due to limited funds, but we urge you to be wary. How much time do you have? The work involved will involve more time due to a lack in necessary experience for a speedy sale. Are you comfortable negotiating? If you choose to DIY, you are responsible for getting each creditor to agree to a settlement.

Another risk of DIY is losing the option to file bankruptcy. We understand the amount of work involved in company liquidation, and it can overwhelm those inexperienced in the industry. Once you’ve started negotiating your own assets, you can seldom go back and file bankruptcy.

The Orlando Estate Difference

Let us take the load off when it comes to company liquidation. Whether you’re a small or large business owner in Oviedo, experts at Orlando Estate keep the big picture in mind while taking care of all the details. Call us at (407) 291-1000 to learn more about the Orlando Estate difference.

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